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The Basics Of Digital Signage

Digital Signage 101

It’s no surprise that consumers are inundated with content on a daily basis. The challenge to get in front of a customer has long shifted from what to promote to how to promote it. In the digital age, we are now focused on creating immersive customer experiences and engaging interactions. Coupled with that, businesses are continuously challenged to lower costs and improve operational efficiencies. Lo and behold – digital signage can serve as a foundation for those experiences and cost savings while creating an immediate impact. Walk through a shopping centre and the once static directory boards are now touch-enabled wayfinding signs. Store front signage is trending towards more dynamic digital signs to enhance brand presence and entice consumers with real-time sales. Quick Service Restaurants are moving towards digital menus and self-service check-out stands. The use cases for digital signage are abundant and each application requires 4 basic elements.

These 4 elements make up a digital signage system. Learn more about the components of digital signage.

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