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10 Key Benefits of Digital Signage for Hospitals and Healthcare Clinics 

1. Improved patient experience

Digital wayfinding kiosks and displays make it easier for patients to navigate through a hospital or medical facility, reducing confusion and frustration, and enhancing the overall patient experience.

3. Cost-effective & Environmentally Friendly

Replacing printed materials with digital signage reduces printing and distribution costs, making it an economical and environmentally conscious option for hospitals and healthcare clinics.

5. Enhanced branding

Digital signage provide a powerful platform to promote a healthcare facilities branding, displaying logos, slogans, and values that establish a distinct identity and creating a positive impression on patients and visitors.

7. Adaptable to different settings

Digital Signage placed in various locations, including lobbies, waiting rooms, examination rooms, and hallways, ensure that messages reach the intended audience and maximize the overall impact.

9. Improved Emergency Response

Digital signage displays integrated with alert systems that use the Common Alert Protocol (CAP), deliver emergency alerts and instructions immediately to all displays, ensuring that everyone in the hospital is informed and safe during crises.

2. Improved communication

Digital signage offers an effective way for hospitals and healthcare clinics to share critical information with patients, visitors, and staff, facilitating better communication. Share real-time messages, avoiding delays in the dissemination of essential information.

4. Streamlined processes

Integrating digital signage with hospital information systems streamlines processes and improves efficiency, enabling staff to focus on providing better patient care.

6. Improved engagement

Interactive digital signage displays and kiosks enable patients and visitors to actively engage with content such as health tips, educational videos, and surveys, providing an enjoyable and informative experience.

8. Improved Accessibility

Digital signage kiosks and displays that meet strict accessibility standards, are accessible to persons with disabilities, ensuring important content is available to all patients and visitors.

10. Improved Metrics

Digital signage provides healthcare facilities with data and analytics on how their content is being received, allowing for informed decisions about communication strategies.

Features Specific to Hospitals & Healthcare Clinics Industry 


Hospitals and healthcare clinics can use MediaTile's wayfinding feature to help patients navigate through the facility, reducing confusion and improving the overall patient experience.

Real-time updates

The MediaTile platform allows hospitals and clinics to provide real-time updates on wait times, appointments, and other information that patients need to know, keeping them informed and reducing anxiety.

Emergency alerts

The MediaTile emergency alert feature can provide critical instructions during emergency situations, keeping patients, visitors, and staff safe and informed.


MediaTile's compliance features allows healthcare providers to ensure that their digital signage content meets regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA and ADA.

Interactive content

Interactive content, such as health tips, educational videos, and surveys, can be displayed using MediaTile's platform, providing an engaging experience for patients and visitors.

Remote management

The MediaTile platform's remote management feature allows hospitals and healthcare clinics to update content and monitor displays from a central location, reducing the need for on-site staff and improving efficiency.

Personalized messaging

MediaTile's platform can deliver personalized messages based on the time of day, weather, and other factors, creating a tailored experience for patients and visitors that feels welcoming and supportive.


MediaTile's platform provides analytics that hospitals and healthcare clinics can use to measure the effectiveness of their digital signage content, allowing them to optimize their messaging and improve engagement.


The platform is highly scalable, allowing hospitals and healthcare clinics to expand their digital signage network as needed, without incurring additional costs or complexity.


MediaTile's platform includes robust security features to protect information, ensuring that it remains secure and compliant with regulations. This includes user authentication, data encryption, and other security measures that prevent unauthorized access to the system and protect against data breaches.

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FAQs for Healthcare Facilities Digital Signage

1What are the benefits of using digital signage in a healthcare facility? 
Digital signage can provide numerous benefits for healthcare facilities, including improved patient experience, reduced perceived wait times, increased patient engagement, and better communication between patients, visitors, and staff. 
2What kind of hardware and software is needed to set up and run digital signage in a healthcare facility? 
MediaTile's digital signage platform only requires a digital display with an embedded media player and a network connection. Existing displays can easily be retrofit with small purpose built media players that can connect to virtually any existing display. The network connection can be a LAN, WiFi or even a cellular connection. Our cloud-based software is preloaded and provides all necessary software, including content creation tools, scheduling software, and analytics reporting. 
3How can we ensure that digital signage is easily accessible and user-friendly for patients, visitors, and staff? 
MediaTile's platform includes a user-friendly interface that can be accessed from most any browser. We also offer unlimited training and support to ensure that staff and administrators can easily manage content and messaging. 
4Can digital signage be integrated with existing hospital information systems?  
Yes, MediaTile's platform can integrate with existing hospital information systems to display real-time information as needed. 
5What kind of content can be displayed on digital signage screens, and how often should it be updated?
MediaTile digital signage content can include a variety of information, such as health education materials, wayfinding information, promotional and branding messaging, and more. Content playlists can be dynamic in nature making it easy to update content by simply dragging and dropping it into a specific folder. 
6How can digital signage be used to improve patient satisfaction and overall experience?
MediaTile digital signage can improve patient satisfaction by providing clear communication, reducing perceived wait times, and providing relevant health education materials. It can also enhance the overall experience by creating a more engaging and interactive environment. 
7What are the security and privacy concerns associated with digital signage in a healthcare setting, and how can they be addressed?
MediaTile's platform includes robust security features, including end to end encryption both in transit and at rest, robust roles based security, two factor user authentication, and network isolation. We also work with our clients to ensure that content is appropriate and complies with relevant privacy regulations. 
8How can we measure the effectiveness of digital signage in terms of patient engagement, satisfaction, and health outcomes?
MediaTile's platform includes analytics reporting that allows healthcare facilities to measure the effectiveness of digital signage in terms of engagement, satisfaction, and other metrics.