Leading the Way

How Religious Leaders Can Set the Example on Safe Worship

[2.5 Minute Read]

You are a leader in your religion and your community. You are ready to welcome the faithful back to services. But there are some snags. You have a significant segment of your community that is not ready to come back. It's not because of faith. It's the fear of COVID-19, and rightly so.

As leaders, it's up to us to create a safe environment that people will feel comfortable coming to. Like you, we at MediaTile are dedicated to finding more effective ways to communicate, reach more people, and deliver the message. We find inspiration by helping those like yourself become more effective communicators and do so in ways that can help you protect your people.

Faith is one of the critical ways people are battling mental health issues related to the global pandemic. Those whose regular participation in religious ceremonies were their main source of spiritual health and their primary social touchpoint. For those suffering from "Covid Fatigue," the inability to practice their religion has essentially shut them off from the world. It would be best if you found a way to create a safe environment, even for those less fearful of the virus.

By providing a safe worship environment for your people, you set the example to participate in religious ceremonies and be responsible by investing in safety precautions such as hand sanitizers and other technologies.

As religious facilities open back up to in-person prayer, some are hesitant to attend due to concerns with COVID-19. MediaTile's Safety-Line Technologies provide touchless hand sanitizing and temperature scanners integrated with digital display kiosks. Caring for your clergy and fellow worshipers by investing in measures to keep them safe is a selfless endeavour; plus, the safer people feel, the more eager they will be to attend.

By stationing portable digital kiosks at entrances and in common areas, parishioners can read the day's agenda, download information to their phones, all without touching common surfaces. The integrated touchless hand sanitizing and temperature scanners that are part of MediaTile's Safety-Line provides an additional line of physical safety for your flock. By providing these common-sense safety measures, you fulfill your role as a leader in your organization and the community.
Lead the way. It is a big responsibility to protect your congregation's health and safety – mental and physical. We are ready to talk to you about the challenges you're facing and how we can work together to overcome them. It starts with contacting us. We'll have a conversation where our first step will be to get to know you, and if we can help, we will.