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Digital Signage Solutions for
Industrial and Manufacturing Sites

MediaTile is trusted by leading institutions for digital signage communications solutions.

Digital Signage Solutions for
Industrial and Manufacturing Sites

Create a safe and productive workplace. Effectively communicate important messages above the noise and bustle, regardless of plant size or number of locations. Effective digital signage solutions create a new communications channel for improving employee engagement, increasing productivity, preventing workplace accidents and more. Our MediaTile experts help you create a communication plan with digital signage solutions that engage, educate and empower your employees.
We get to know your unique communication needs so that we can build a custom digital signage solution for you. Connect with a MediaTile expert to learn how you can be communicating more effectively.
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MediaTile Platform Features for
Industrial and Manufacturing Sites

Our easy-to-use and versatile MediaTile digital signage Content Management Software platform is designed with all the features and integrations you need for a powerful digital signage solution.
"What makes this standout is the ease of use. It's basically plug and play, they have your content loaded and ready to go when you plug it in."

- Doug B, Conferencing Technologies Specialist

Curate Relevant Messaging for Multiple Locations

Display different content to specific zones or screen locations so your employees only receive relevant information.

Protect Your Displays from Harsh Environments

Ensure the longevity of your screens. Our harsh environment display enclosures keep your screens safe from small dust particles, electrical surges, physical impact, theft and more.

Capture Pre-screening Forms and Engage Employees with Kiosks

Electronically collect and store pre-screening forms and check for masks or temperature on interactive kiosks. Convey important messages on the screens when they are not in use. All of our displays can be modified to interact using gesture, QR code mobile control and touchscreen technology.

Entertain Breakrooms with Live Feeds and Media

Pull from local news, local weather, stocks, social media feeds and more, so workers can stay up to date and informed during their breaks or before and after work. Our drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to pick and place media into the content designer.

Alert Employees on their Personal Devices with Beacons

Use your digital signage to communicate with your employees’ mobile devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Send alerts to workers if they are too close to a dangerous location or hazardous materials.

Prepare Content in Advance or Push Urgent Messaging

Schedule your content to play on specific hours or days or change your messaging in real time. You also have the option to override your content with alert broadcasting to keep your employees safe and informed during lockdowns, fire drills and other emergencies.

Get a Custom Digital Signage Solution

Speak to a MediaTile expert to get a digital signage solution for your unique communication needs.

We’ll create a custom digital signage solution for your educational institution, at no obligation or cost. See how digital signage can benefit your industrial or manufacturing site.

Book a demo to explore all of the platform features that will make up your digital signage solution. Discover how easy it is to manage your content and screens on our secure network.

A MediaTile digital signage solution is more than just screens and software. Our clients are better communicators.

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    Digital Signage Hardware for
    Industrial and Manufacturing Sites

    We'll choose the right screen for your location and environment so that you can deliver your message to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.
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    Industrial and ManufacturingIndustrial and Manufacturing

    You're In Good Hands

    Choosing MediaTile means you get a digital signage solution that meets all of your communication, technical and budgetary needs.

    35+ Years of Experience

    MediaTile digital signage experts leverage over three decades of experience. Everything from the development of our platform to the placement of your screens is carefully curated to allow you to communicate more effectively.

    Top of the Line Security

    The MediaTile digital signage network and platform are supported by the highest level of security. Join the list of government, financial and other highly protected institutions that trust MediaTile to keep their content and communication safe.

    Turn-key Service & Support

    Beyond conception to installation, MediaTile experts are available for unlimited free technical training and support, from Monday to Friday 9AM to 9PM EST, for extended hours to accommodate our international client base.

    Solutions Made Just for You

    Our MediaTile digital signage experts ensure the software and hardware meet all your technical requirements and our customer support team is available to help you figure out which financing and payment options work the best for you.