Digital Signage for

Food & Beverage Industries

Digital signage provides a wide variety of value-added options to enhance the food and beverage experience. HD imagery maximizes the presentation appeal of food and beverage items while interactive features enable point-of-purchase engagement. Easy to use management software makes scheduling or updating content fast and convenient, even over multiple locations.
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Use the right display for the right situation to maximize the reach and visibility of your communications.

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    Digital Signage is quickly becoming the standard to showcase food, whether it is in a grocery store or a quick service restaurant.

    Improve your customers experience by converting traditional menus and signs into visually enticing dynamic boards. You can dynamically change menus based on time of day or time of year and engage customers about menu specials with video ads. Decrease perceived customer wait times with entertaining images and menu suggestions. Inform your customers and stay current with legislation by providing updated dietary information.

    Boost sales by promoting higher margin items and dynamically adding promotions for perishable items. Extend digital messaging by incorporating displays in dining areas to entertain and improve brand loyalty. Incorporate high bright in-window displays to attract customers from outside your location.


    Engaging Customers

    • Reduce perceived wait times with entertaining displays
    • Incorporate interactive self-service kiosks to expedite ordering
    • Inform customers with nutritional information on food items

    Boost Sales

    • Display vibrant menus and daily specials
    • Cross sell and upsell in-store products with enticing product videos
    • Promote higher margin items using bright in-window displays to attract customers
    • Incorporate displays in dining areas to increase brand loyalty

    Reduce Costs

    • Reduce time, printing and logistics costs
    • Reduce costs to create and produce POP signs that may never get displayed
    • Reduce shipping costs to send menu and collateral to each location


    • Update menu items quickly for sold out items to avoid frustration
    • Promote Daily Specials
    • Pricing and menu selections can be modified instantly

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      I am interested in a platform demo
      I am interested in a 360 virtual showroom tour


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      Product Spotlight

      Commercial Grade Displays

      Engage your Customers

      Adding your menu to a digital signage board allows customers to see clearly what's available, what the specials are and items that have sold out. Create dynamic content with amazing images and videos, and make your menu touchscreen for easy ordering!

      Use interactivity to:
      • Allow customers to place orders to avoid long lines with touchscreens
      • Menu updates can be made with a few clicks
      • Promote products that sell very well by calling attention to them


      44% of consumers say technology has a particularly strong effect on their decision to buy new food and beverage products. Source: Canadian Grocery
      Industry Focus Spotlight

      Technology and Food

      Technology is a great opportunity to enhance your menu and offering to the customer. As everything around us is becoming digital, you need to be able to keep up with trends, customers and how they make their choices.