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Communication Between Two Devices

Unlike Beacons, NFC is a set of communication protocols that enables communication between two devices. Simply bring the devices between a few inches of each other and communication is automatically established.

NFC enabled devices can work in three modes:

  • Card Emulation - enable payments or ticketing using a Smart Card or a mobile device
  • Reader/Writer - allows an NFC-enabled device to read information from an NFC-enabled tag or label
  • Peer to Peer - allows two NFC-enabled devices to exchange information with each other

NFC in Digital Signage

An NFC device can be built into a display or kiosk to allow users to tap their phone to receive additional information about the product being featured.

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NFC/RFID Features

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Gain customer usage analytics

Lasting Impression

Move content to your customer's mobile devices that they will keep with them after they leave your display
nfc Mobile Device Integration

Mobile Device Integration

Engage your customers with mobile device integration