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Digital Signage Technology

We continue to transform visual communications, delivering information and personal interaction tailored to a viewer’s specific wants and needs.
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Technology You Can Build On

Our digital signage technology solutions have garnered customer praise and industry awards for increasing market reach and viewer interaction, while reducing costs and complexities.
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Audience Analytics

Understand your audience and display relevant content that will engage and interest them in real time.
Learn more about audience analytics.

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Interact with your digital signage audience with beacon technology. Send messages, notifications, and alerts to enhance the user experience.
Learn about digital signage beacon technology applications.

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Cellular Connectivity

Cellular connectivity is a great alternative internet connection method for difficult to reach placements. It has security benefits and provides a consistent and reliable connection.
Explore the benefits of cellular connectivity.

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Enable communication between smart phones and an enabled digital sign to allow users to receive information such as products, services or coupons.
Enhance the digital signage experience with NFC/RFID communication.

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Media Players

Media players are the devices that connect your digital signs to the management system that delivers your content. They need to be fast and reliable in order to display your message the way you intended it to be.
Learn more about MediaTile's digital signage media players.


Smart Signage

For those looking for media player software to run Samsung's all-in-one SMART digital signage displays, MediaTile's content management software can run these cost-efficient digital signage solutions.
Learn more about the Samsung Smart signage platform.


Video Presence

Add live 2-way video chat into your digital signage. This on-demand ability incorporates seamlessly with regular content playback and has built-in efficiencies to maximize value and effectiveness.
Discover how video presence can enhance your user experience.

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Are you taking advantage of everything digital signage offers? Our experts can show you what’s possible.


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