Getting you Back to Business

MediaTile integrates inReality to bring you SAFE PASS Access Control to get your customers and employees back to business.

Don't let the complexity overwhelm you.

One Platform, Multiple Safe Pass Solutions. Enterprise ready, Al-intelligent and powered by our advanced Software Platform, a solution that can be configured to suit current and changing workflows and compliance, then managed from one central access point.

One Platform, Multiple Safe Pass Solutions

  • Efficiently manage oversight with Smart Alerts
  • No additional infrastructure or staff
  • All you need is a browser, zero integration
  • Remotely monitor one-to-many locations
  • Define workflows and data policies to bulletproof privacy + legal compliance
  • Real-time dashboard of results with historical anomalies

Discover our Safety-Line Technologies

Safety Line Technologies help create effective digital signage communication strategies that addresses critical elements businesses need to stay compliant with safety regulations and help ensure staff and customers' health and safety.