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Advantage Program

Aligning with your budget requirements to inspire effective communications to engage, educate and empower your audience.

Corum Digital’s Financing, Advantage Program provides the most efficient way for your business to acquire virtually any type of digital signage equipment.

Reasons to Join

It is estimated that over 80% of all Businesses in North America use financing as a tool to benefit from their business equipment. Here are just some of the reasons why:

1Capital Preservation
Leasing lets a company conserve its working capital, allowing it to allocate cash funds for other purposes. Cash tied up in fixed assets is no longer available to finance important profit generating areas such as inventory, production, marketing, research and development, etc. In addition, with a lease, Sales Tax and other Taxes are not paid up front at the time the asset is acquired; but rather are remitted with the monthly payments over the life of the lease.
2Credit Preservation
All businesses have access to limited credit lines at their bank. Operating Lines, Demand Loans, Mortgages and other term facilities must be kept within the bank’s total exposure limit for that business. By using a third party leasing company to finance equipment and machinery acquisitions, you are effectively opening new credit lines – credit lines which normally require no down payments, and no outside collateral – while preserving your existing (and future) bank borrowing ability.
3Easier Budgeting
Lease terms, payment streams and purchase options can be tailored to meet most budgets. Skip leases, Step-Up or Step-Down payment leases are also available to match a business’ seasonal or anticipated cash flows. In addition, because most leases are based on fixed rates the customer is not at risk due to interest rate fluctuations.
4Financial Efficiency
The revenues (or cost savings) generated by the use of new equipment and machinery can be used to pay the lease payments. Expenses are matched to the generated revenues – a sound business management principle.
In addition to tailored payment streams, leases can be designed with different types of purchase options. Moreover, leasing your business assets often facilitates easier upgrades, add-ons and trade-ups.
6Tax Deferral
Leasing may provide certain tax benefits for a business. Consult your tax and legal advisors for advice on the potential tax benefits of leasing.
7More Purchasing Power
Leasing can actually give a company more purchasing power than when using either cash or bank loans. Here’s how: by purchasing equipment with cash or borrowed funds, sales and other taxes are generally paid up front. Thus, if a company had $100,000 available cash or bank loan, they could only purchase approximately $88,496 worth of equipment, as the other $11,504 would go towards payment of taxes (assuming a sales tax rate of approximately 13%). Further, in the case of bank loans, generally the bank will only finance a fixed percentage of the total cost of the equipment; requiring that the business provides equity into the transaction, in the form of a cash down payment towards the difference.
8Financing of “Soft Costs
Freight, installation, initial set-up costs, computer software, and many other initial costs associated with an equipment or machinery acquisition can generally be included in the cost of a lease, subject to certain limitations. This helps to significantly reduce your initial cash outlay.

How to Get Started

Joining the Advantage Program to invest in digital signage is quick and easy. Connect with an expert today.

We will consult on the best hardware & software solution for your requirements.
We will process your application quickly
When approved, we will contact you directly to confirm the approval, and will give you full details describing any terms and conditions.
We will prepare the financing document(s) and forward it to you for signatures.
Upon receipt of properly executed documents, we will arrange for the supply and install of your new digital signage solution, with unlimited training and support.
We will confirm with you that the equipment is delivered and installed to your specifications and only at that point will we commence the contract.
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