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Create, schedule, and display engaging content across a variety of digital screens with our easy-to-use, cloud-based digital signage software.

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With features like our drag-and-drop content creator, MediaTile makes it easy to create dynamic and engaging content using a variety of media formats, including text, video, graphics, social media widgets, streaming content, alerts, real-time data, event schedules, and even interactive web pages.

Manage digital displays, video walls, interactive kiosks, building directories, and interactive wayfinding all with any modern web browser from any device.

Digital Signage Software Used by leading institutions globally.

Set Up For Success

Our digital signage software solution is easy to use and can scale to fit your needs, anywhere in the world. By simply opening a browser, you can deliver content to the right place, at the right time, quickly and securely.

Complete Creative Control

Power a network of any number of digital screens on our Enterprise Digital Signage Software CMS platform. Manage your content by opening a web browser from anywhere in the world.

1Content Designer
digital signage content designerMediaTile's built-in Content Designer allows a user to create great looking media using this intuitive, widget based, drag and drop tool. Create templates with pre-defined zones or start with a blank canvas. Easily stay within your brand guidelines, by creating customized playlists with vivid images and eye-catching videos.
2Social Media Widget
Social-Media-WidgetsNew Social Media Widgets simplify adding social media content to any digital signage content
3Smart List
Smart ListThe new Smart List widget simplifies the creation of content lists like Building Directories or Auto Dealer wait lists. Pretty much anything that is in a grid is now simplified with the use of the Smart List widget. Data can come from almost any external web source or even a simple CSV file
4Stock Photos
stock-imagesImport thousands of beautiful, high quality stock photos that you can drag-and-drop into your content.
5Shapes Widget
shapes widgetEasily adding shapes (Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, etc.) to your Content Designer Media simplifies creation of impactful content
6Pre-designed Templates
digital signage templatesCreate new Content Designer media quickly and easily using one of more than a hundred free, professionally designed templates spanning many industries and customize them to fit your needs
7Pre-Built Zone Based Layouts
Pre-Built Dynamic Zone Based layoutsCreate a single layout seperated by zones that seamlessly incorporates all of your content including images, videos, playlists, news feeds, social media, and streams including web feeds and live TV.
8Location Based Content
Location Based Content
  • Placeholder Playlists now simplify the management and playback of content targeted for a specific location
  • Location based Playlists are linked to a Placeholder Playlist which is then assigned to a Player or a Playlist Widget in the Content Designer
  • Only Playlists targeted for the same Location as the Player will be downloaded to the Player
9Library Folder Synced Playlists
Library Folder Playlists Playlist content can now dynamically include all content in a specific Library folder. Simply drag content into or out of a Library Folder and all players assigned that Library Folder Playlist will receive the content changes without any additional intervention
103rd Party Software & Live Data Integration
3rd Party Software IntegrationAllows users to easily integrate other software or web services like real-time data such as weather, news, stock prices, and more into their digital signage content.


Our Digital Signage Software offers a wide range of innovative features including Anonymous Analytics, Gesture Control, Live 2-way Video Chat, interactive Wayfinding and much more.

1Touchless Interaction
touchless digital screen interaction Remotely control a display using a smart phone by simply scanning a player QR code for completely touchless display interaction
2Create an Ad Network with your Digital Displays
Create an Ad Network For those looking to generate revenue with their Digital Signage Display Network, integration with Programmatic Advertising Portals such as HiveStack makes it easy to select the type of content you want to allow on your network and how often you want it to play. Ads will automatically be served up within the frequency you select
3Digital Wayfinding
digital wayfinding intro Empower your facility visitors to navigate your space with confidence. Interactive wayfinding allows users to tap on location listings or on the map to receive the easiest route to get there.

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4Live, 2-way Video Chat
Live, 2-way Video Chat Adding live 2-Way Video Communication to your digital displays is now easier than ever. The new Video Presence 2.0 content designer widget allows you to add 2-way Video Chat to any digital display

More Info
5NDI Streaming Support
ndi streaming Support for this popular streaming format simplifies adding streaming content to your displays from sources like Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings.
6Emergency Broadcasts
emergency-broadcasts Deliver critical alerts to targeted screens to warn of impending bad weather or other dangerous situations while including the pertinent safety steps and procedures people will need to follow. Or simply read alerts using the CAP messaging standard.


A Digital Signage Software Platform that boasts a powerful set of remote troubleshooting and maintenance tools that ensures up-time and is furthermore supported by a great team of product experts with years of experience.

1Media Compatibility Scanning and Repair
Media Compatibility Scanning and RepairVideos and Images that are incorrectly sized or encoded will be flagged and can be repaired at the click of a button
2Centralized Network Management with Express UI
Designed for smaller networks, Express UI allows users to easily manage content on all their displays from a single screen
3Advanced Logging System
Our new advanced logging system allows for instant access to reports regardless of the size of the network. Query content playback across thousands of displays in just a few seconds
4Real-time Player Instructions
  • Real-time Communication has been extended to all media player platforms, allowing for instructions to be sent to online players in real-time
  • Easily see the real-time status of any player including remotely retrieving live screen shots of playback
5Scheduling and Playlists
Enables users to schedule content to play at specific times and locations, ensuring that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.
6Real-time Analytics
Provides in-depth insights into how digital signage content is performing, allowing users to make data-driven decisions and optimize their digital signage strategy.
7Remote Management
Allows users to manage and update digital signage content from anywhere, at any time, using any modern web browser.
8Pro-active Health Monitoring
Monitors the health of the digital signage network, so users can quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise.
9Security and Access control
Secure access control and permissions to manage and control who can access and edit the digital signage content including roles based security.
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    "We love the remote control aspect of this software. Our previous system required super-large formats to fit across the screens. MediaTile software simplifies all content."

    - Doug M, General Manager

    capterra 5 star review
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    "Enjoy creating templates with different playlists and customizing the information as required. The scheduling feature is also helpful so you can pre-plan when to show certain content."

    - Sandy, HR Generalist

    capterra 5 star review
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    "We really enjoy using MediaTile to publish our meetings and events. When guests arrive, they can immediately see where their events are located along with other helpful information."

    - Antonio D, General Manager

    capterra 5 star review
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    "The software is easy to use, manages all our devices, and it allows our content admins to easily develop and maintain their display content."

    - James Z, IT Technology Architect

    capterra 5 star review
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    "The platform is very user friendly; we're able to push out new content without any issues or wait time! The support we receive whenever we do have an issue is great!"

    - Jacqueline L, Marketing Manager

    capterra 5 star review
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    "We found it was very easy to integrate this platform into our existing processes and love how easy it is to add, edit, design, and schedule content."

    - Jaimeleigh F, Director of Marketing and Communications

    capterra 5 star review
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    "What makes this standout is the ease of use. It basically a plug and play, they have your content loaded and ready to go when you plug it in."

    - Doug B, Conferencing Technologies Specialist

    capterra 5 star review
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    "I started using MediaTile in the early 2000s and have been recommending it ever since. The cloud-based interface means updates can happen anywhere at any time; going through Wi-Fi vs being hard-lined in gives me more options in multi-campus systems. The customer support is top-notch... What's not to like?"

    - Stephanie M, Marketing & Communications Manager

    capterra 5 star review

Easily integrate with hundreds of your favorite Apps!

Displays are most effective when the content is relevant and up to date, and keeping them that way does not need to take up a lot of your time. MediaTile's digital signage software lets you easily connect with hundreds of the most popular apps.

Live, 2-way Video Chat

A powerful, live 2-way video chat platform you can incorporate into your digital signage

MediaTile's digital signage software makes it easier than ever to add live 2-Way Video Communication to your digital displays. The new Video Presence 2.0 content designer widget allows you to add 2-way Video Chat to any digital display. For example, an interactive kiosk can be used in a hospital to display information about the facility, content to promote healthy lifestyle choices and other related information and at the touch of the screen a visitor can connect with a live person who can help them locate a patients room. Video presence connects the viewer with a live, online agent. The agent can be anywhere in the world and can monitor multiple kiosks.

Hundreds of Templates to Get You Started Quickly!

Choose from hundreds of editable ready to use templates to get you started delivering your message. You have complete design freedom using our drag and drop content designer, you don't need other programs to make your signs look great.

Our template library is ever-growing. Don't see one that you fits your needs? Let us know, and our design team can assist.

Digital Wayfinding

An affordable and robust Digital Wayfinding solution to help visitors find their way around your facility

Empower your Facility

wayfinding interfaceEmpower your facility visitors to navigate your space with confidence. Interactive wayfinding allows users to tap on location listings or on the map to receive the easiest route to get there. QR code technology allows users to take the route with them so they don't get lost along the way. When wayfinding kiosks are not in use, the screens can run your digital signage content.

Effective Yet Affordable

Get best-in-class features and functionality at a competitive price with MediaTile digital wayfinding solutions

No Internet Required

Our wayfinding solutions still guide your guests even if internet or cellular connection isn't available

Convenient Control

Adjust listings quickly and easily without having to worry about complicated coding or paying for changes

Take it with You

By scanning QR code on their phones, guests can take map routes with them so they don't get lost along the way

A Multi-Solution

Use your kiosk for more than wayfinding with our versatile digital signage content management software

Share The Workload Using Zone-Based Access

MediaTile's digital signage software gives you the ability to manage your digital signage team with zone-based access. Team members can be assigned custom permissions allowing Admins to separate messaging responsibilities by department.

Separate messaging responsibilities

The most overlooked component in digital signage - yet the absolute most critical - is the content. Display material is often over-simplified due to the perceived workload and maintenance concerns meaning you are not getting the most out of your digital display system. The simple solution is to divide the responsibility up between multiple stakeholders and assign each a zone of responsibility. Team members can be assigned custom permissions allowing Administrators to separate messaging responsibilities by department.

Cloud-Based Services

enterprise cloud system logoOur digital signage software solution is hosted with the largest cloud service provider in the world with available hosting locations in Canada, the United States and Europe. The platform is managed by our team of experts, so you never have to worry. There are no local services to integrate or maintain into your corporate network. You can count on guaranteed rock solid up-time.

The Advantages of a Cloud-Based System

  • No expensive onsite servers to install and maintain or software to purchase
  • Cloud infrastructure is managed by our team of experts
  • Silent, automatic software updates

System Security

Digital Signage CertifiedHaving a secure digital signage software system in place is critical for any digital signage network. It ensures that your data is safe and secure with no downtime. You also have visibility over any third-party users with advanced roles-based security.

Security System Capabilities

  • Maintain precise control over what each user can see
  • Roles-based security for all platform features
  • All activity is logged by user and time-stamped
  • Media players communicate with the MediaTile Portal via secure HTTPS
  • Available 2-factor Authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO)