Digital Signage Hardware Solutions

Manage touch-enabled displays, digital menu boards, interactive kiosks and video walls from anywhere in the world
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Digital Signage Hardware Solutions

Our digital signage solutions engage, educate and empower your audience far more effectively than traditional media. Manage touch-enabled displays, digital menu boards, interactive kiosks and video walls from anywhere in the world.
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Solutions You Can Build On

Our solutions allow you to start small and expand as the need arises. A unique set of solutions ensures you will continue to grow into the MediaTile platform by expanding the features in your digital signage network. Whether you have a display, video wall or an interactive kiosk, let our team help you build better brand awareness, and interact more effectively with your audience.


Commercial Displays

Commercial displays are high quality screens purpose-built to run around the clock and maintain their vibrant picture quality.
Learn more about commercial displays.

video wallsvideo walls

Video Walls

A video wall creates a stunning visual impact in any situation, from a simple 1x2 display up to 30ft.
Learn more about video walls.


Hand Sanitizer Kiosks

MediaTile's hand sanitizer kiosks provide a no-touch sanitizer dispenser with an integrated display and built-in media player.
Learn more about hand sanitizer kiosks.

double sided window displaydouble-sided-window-display2

Double Sided Displays

Double-sided window displays are designed for storefront windows. The outward facing sign attracts an audience while the inside facing sign engages and educates.
Learn more about double-sided displays.

interactive-kiosks2INTERACTIVE KIOSKS

Interactive Kiosks

Our line of smartly designed interactive Digital Kiosks come in many styles and configurations that are sure to meet the communication goals for many industries.
Learn more about interactive kiosks.

LED VIDEO WALLLED-video-walls2

LED Video Walls

MediaTile's direct view LED video wall displays deliver high-impact messaging with optimized color, brightness and picture quality for a more realistic and impactful viewing experience.
Learn more about LED video walls.


Digital Shelf Displays

Create digitally immersive shopping experiences by converting conventional merchandising displays and store shelves into digital media communicators.
Learn more about digital shelf displays.


Mosaic Video Walls

MediaTile's Mosaic Video Wall solution makes it easy to build dynamic, effective, next-generation video walls of any type and size.
Learn more about mosaic video walls.



An affordable and robust solution to help visitors find their way around your facility.
Learn more about wayfinding.

menu-boards1digital menu boards

Digital Menu Boards

Crisp images, Motion graphics, and vibrant colors add life to your digital menus. Display relevant, up to date content quickly and easily creating an optimal experience for your customers.
Learn more about digital menu boards.