Digital Menu Boards

Motion graphics and vibrant colors add life to your digital menus. Display relevant, up to date content quickly and easily creating an optimal experience for your customers all while effectively cutting costs.

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What are Digital Menu Boards?

Digital menu boards are dynamic display screens that are used in restaurants, cafes, fast-food chains, and other foodservice establishments to showcase their menu items, promotions, and other relevant content to customers. These digital displays are typically mounted on walls, above counters, or in other strategic locations where customers can easily view them. Unlike traditional static menu boards, which are printed on paper or displayed on a static board, digital menu boards utilize technology such as LED or LCD screens to present menu information in a more engaging and versatile manner.

Different Ways Digital Menu Boards Can Be Utilized

Commercial Grade Digital Displays

Commercial grade screens are purpose-built displays engineered to meet the demanding requirements of professional and commercial environments. These screens are designed with durability, longevity, and performance in mind. They typically feature robust construction using high-quality materials, ensuring they can withstand constant use and environmental factors like dust and temperature fluctuations. Commercial displays also offer higher brightness levels and wider viewing angles, making them suitable for outdoor environments. 

Digital Menu Software

MediaTile's content manager enables quick updates for any piece of content, including prices, products, specials, and more. Schedule menu changes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Scannable QR codes enable users to download content such as take-out menus and weekly specials to their smartphones.

A wide variety of templates available to get you started in no time!

Create templates with pre-defined zones or start with a blank canvas.

Select from a vast collection of editable, pre-made templates to initiate your message delivery. With our drag-and-drop content designer, you enjoy full creative control, eliminating the need for additional software to enhance your signage's appearance.

Our repository of templates continuously expands. Can't find the perfect fit? Inform us, and our design team will provide assistance.

Digital Signage Technologies

Our Content Management Software platform provides robust support for a multitude of advanced functions and integrations. Our comprehensive solutions cater to diverse industries, encompassing a wide range of functionalities.

By implementing digital menu boards, you can easily upsell, keep your menus up to date, all while effectively cutting costs.

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

Increased Sales

Engaging visuals, animations, and promotions can attract attention and encourage upselling, resulting in higher sales.

Enhanced Customer ExperienceEnhanced Customer Experience

Interactive features, appealing visuals, and accurate information create a positive dining experience.

Cost SavingsCost Savings

Eliminate printing costs associated with traditional menus, and reduce waste from outdated materials.


Update menus and promotions instantly, reducing the time and effort required for manual changes.

Easy To Use Templates

Digital menu board templates are pre-designed layouts that businesses can use to create visually appealing and consistent menu displays. These templates provide a foundation for arranging menu items, prices, images, and promotions in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner.

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