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Digital Signage for

Casino Gaming

Use attention-grabbing imagery and video to promote in-venue attractions and events. Integrated features such as wayfinding help direct guests to key destinations within your facility, enhancing the customer experience.

Enhance your Casino and Gaming Experience

The inherently high traffic and complicated layouts of casino & gaming venues provide a great opportunity for more effective communication, utilizing digital signage.

Help move your guests efficiently throughout your venues. Keep your guests entertained and informed while creating a modern and visually appealing facility.

Simplify communications with digital displays in lobbies, elevator banks, the casino floor, conference/banquet areas and restaurants. Streamline concierge services and improve location services with interactive Wayfinding kiosks.

Provide guests with dynamic flight departure and arrival information in concierge areas. Create a safe environment by instantly converting your displays into an emergency broadcast system.

Improved Guest Communication

  • Promote in-house activities and entertainment schedules
  • Display daily menus and catering services
  • Provide dynamic flight arrival and departure information, including delays and cancellations
  • Add compact digital displays outside of meeting rooms to display room booking information
  • Include Dynamic Menu Boards in quick service food and drink areas
  • Utilize Emergency Broadcast Messaging to keep guests and staff safe

Engage and Entertain

  • Utilize interactive Wayfinding kiosks to help players efficiently navigate the facility
  • Inform Players of interactive players club promotions
  • Display gaming wait lists
  • Apportion displays in concierge area to promote local attractions and events
  • Utilize interactive game finders

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce time and printing costs of location maps, daily schedules and activities
  • Replace potentially bland printed materials with more dynamic and impactful content
  • Save on logistics costs for printed materials
  • Manage your entire network from any browser, anywhere

Increase Branding

  • Improve the customer experience with stunning Video Walls in the front lobbies
  • Ensure consistent branding across your entire facility

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    Product Spotlight: Video Walls

    Be the game changer!

    Adding Video Walls to the casino industry creates a big WOW factor. With 4K technology, images and video come to life in stunning resolution. Impress your guests by informing them with player programs, food and beverage promotions and highlighting casino milestones.

    You can:
    • Promote food and bar specials
    • Showcase top winners
    • Motivate with Employee of the Month


    In 2016, the United States gaming industry generated $73.1 billion, growing at an annual rate of 2.0%. Source: Rubin Brown
    Industry Focus Spotlight

    Technology and Gaming

    Engage casino and gaming visitors to stay in the facility with engaging digital displays, Wayfinding to take them to their next adventure or video walls to create an amazing WOW factor. This will keep visitors entertained and in the facility, allowing them to have a pleasant experience while they play.