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Video Presence

A powerful, live 2-way video chat platform you can incorporate into your digital signage
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Add a personal touch.

About Video Presence

Video Presence enables on-demand, 2-way video chat with a live person from any touch enable digital display. For example, an interactive kiosk can be used in a hospital to display information about the facility, content to promote healthy lifestyle choices and other related information and at the touch of the screen a visitor can connect with a live person who can help them locate a patients room. Video presence connects the viewer with a live, online agent. The agent can be anywhere in the world and can monitor multiple kiosks.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrates seamlessly with regular content playback
  • Allows viewers to connect to a live agent
  • Agents can monitor multiple kiosks to maximize efficiency
  • Calls can be routed based on skills such as languages spoken or product knowledge
  • Calls can be transferred between agents

On-Demand Experts and Face-To-Face Interaction

With the HumanKiosk Solution, powered by Video Presence, marketers can humanize their brand interaction, improve the customer experience, and deliver their messages with absolute control and precision.