Digital Signage for

Educational Facilities

Digital signage systems engage and communicate with your students, faculty, and staff. It can be used to promote events and display departmental information. Integrated technologies can interact with individuals, direct to destinations across any size building or campus, and more.
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American Association of State Colleges and Universities

Expand the Learning Experience

Communicate with students the way they communicate naturally, digitally!

Engage and inform students in common areas, classrooms, libraries, cafeterias/food courts, sports centers, meeting rooms and student housing.

Include interactive Wayfinding kiosks and integrated mobile applications to ensure your digital message is consistent and effective throughout your campus. Create a safe environment by including an emergency broadcast override system across all displays.

Keep students aware of inclement weather or impending danger with safety notices.

Outside of the Classroom

  • Wayfinding to help students navigate campuses
  • Cafeteria menu boards can be changed by just a few clicks
  •  Job postings and job fair notices
  • Create revenue opportunities by adding zones to displays for potential advertisers

Student Communication

  • Promote school events such as career seminars, student groups and sporting events
  • Centralize your digital communication while still being able to give local departments access to certain zones on a display or department specific displays
  • Enhance school spirit by engaging students with relevant and entertaining information
  • Replace printed materials with dynamic and visually engaging content that students notice
  • Reduce printing costs and save time by not having to print many copies of an event poster or marketing material, only to have them thrown out right after the event

Keep Students and Faculty Informed

  • Extend digital communication to entrance ways and lobbies with impressive video walls
  • Greet guest with personalized welcome messages
  • Promote new products and services in waiting areas
  • Up-sell your products and services to your clients using displays during your sales demonstrations

Product Spotlight: Video Walls

Make your campus stand out with video walls! Video walls make a big impression on prospective students and can communicate a great deal of information at one time.

Our video wall screens, like all of our screens, are commercial grade with ultra thin bezels to minimize the gap between each screen.

You can:
  • Recognize donors
  • Celebrate alumni
  • Promote student groups
  • Show upcoming activities and events
  • Display video testimonials from current and past students


96% of Students notice digital signage immediately and can recall its content.

Industry Focus Spotlight

Technology and Education

Create an opportunity for employers, student groups, co-op programs and advertisers to reach students. Capitalize on this space with job postings, event listings, school spirit videos and more!