Plans & Pricing

Choosing the right digital signage plan for your business involves assessing your specific needs and selecting a solution that optimally aligns with your goals and budget.


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Includes everything in Standard, plus:
  • Rapid and efficient text creation with AI-powered generation
  • Advanced AI image editing , including background removal
  • Robust group management tools for flexible control of large networks
  • 3rd Party Ad Market Tools (Hivestack, Vistar)
  • Player Group Management & Group Based White-label

Plan Comparison

Comparison between Standard & Enterprise editions of the platform.

Content Management



Support Multiple Media Types: Audio Files, Documents, Images, Videos, Web Pages
Unlimited Custom Folders and Tags to Organize Content
Full-featured Content Management Library
Content Scheduling: Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, & custom scheduling
Content Designer Layout Creation Tool: Includes Widgets (Playlists, Images, Videos, Rich Text, RSS Feed, Media RSS Content, Date/Time, Image Carousel, Social Media Video)
Multi-Select Actions and Assignments 
RSS/Media RSS Feed Management 
Royalty-Free Stock Image Library  
Professionally Designed Templates 
Industry-leading Animation Renderings System
AI-Based Image Editing Tools 
AI-Based Text Generation  
Datasets for Menus, Room Booking, etc.  
Playlist ManagementStandardEnterprise
Unlimited Playlists & Scheduling
Folder-Based Playlists & Set and Forget Content
Player Location-Based Playlists 
Player Management & MonitoringStandardEnterprise
Express View: Fast Player & Content Assignment
Full-featured Player Management System
Complete Real-Time Player Management & Tools
Player Group Management & Group Based White-label 
Multi-screen Player & Content 
Player Initiated Network Quality Testing
Real-Time Player Instructions
RS-232 Device Control Management
Utility Commands: Screen Capture, Reboot, Update, etc.
Manage Multiple Locations
Multi-Screen Video Wall Support 
Automatic Detection of Players with No Playable Content 
Location-Based Weather💎
Multi-Select Playlist & Group Assignments
Per-Player Playlist Schedule Overrides
Real-Time Connectivity
Named Schedule Presets: Unlimited Schedules
Social Media Video & Data FeedsStandardEnterprise
Social Video: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Twitch, Instagram, X (Twitter)
Social Media Posts: Instagram, X (Twitter)
Corum Feeds: News, Trivia, & Quotes💎
Real-Time Dashboard
Media Compatibility Image Repair Utility 
Media Compatibility Video Repair Utility 
Digital Directories/Smart Lists 
Video Presence Live Chat 
Programmatic Advertising Integration: (Hivestack, Vistar) 
Quick Broadcast/Emergency Alerts: Temporary Player & Group Assignment Override 
API Access with Documented Full Featured Capabilities 
HDMI-in Support
Hard-Wired Ethernet Support
Wi-Fi Support 
Cellular Network Support
Player Initiated Network Quality Testing
Security & SafetyStandardEnterprise
Single Sign-On (SSO) Support for External Authentication 
2-Factor Authentication
Emergency Alerts (Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Support) 
Roles-Based User Profiles 
System Activity Logs
Proof of Playback & Event Report
Player Status by Group 
User and Storage LimitationsStandardEnterprise
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Bandwidth
Granular User Profiles for Roles-Based Security 
Content Storage Limit5GBUnlimited
Player & Proof of Playback logs2 Months2 Years
Supported Media PlayersStandardEnterprise
Raspberry Pi 
Samsung Tizen 
Training & SupportStandardEnterprise
Comprehensive Onboarding & Ongoing Training 
Unlimited Phone Support: Weekdays:  9:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)💎
Email Technical Support: Same Day Response 
Self Paced Training Videos
Live Web Based User Support & Training: Standard Add-on, Enterprise💎

*💎 Available Add-on Features

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Frequently asked questions

1What's included in the Standard plan?
The Standard plan includes essential features like cloud-based control, real-time updates, and access to basic templates and widgets. It's best suited for small businesses or single-location setups.
2Can I upgrade my plan later?
Yes, you can upgrade your plan anytime to unlock additional features and support. Please reach out to our sales team for assistance with upgrading.
3Is there a free trial available?
We provide a free software demo. Schedule a demo to explore our features and see how they can benefit your business.
4What support is included in the subscription plans?
The Standard plan includes email support and self-paced training videos. The Enterprise plan offers unlimited phone support and comprehensive onboarding training.
5Are there setup fees?
No, there are no setup fees for any of our subscription plans. The plan cost covers all software-related expenses.
6Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Our plans are annual subscriptions paid upfront. You can cancel with 30 days notice before the end of any annual period.
7Do you offer discounts for multi-year agreements?
Yes, we offer discounts for multi-year agreements. Contact our sales team for more information.
8What payment methods do you accept?
We accept company cheques, credit cards, and bank transfers.
9Is the software compatible with existing hardware?
Our software is compatible with a wide range of hardware, including Windows, Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Samsung Tizen, and LG WebOS. Contact our sales team to confirm compatibility with your equipment.
10What if I exceed the number of users or screens in my plan?
You can add additional screens to either of our plans as needed. Contact our sales team for assistance.