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Solutions You Can Build On.

Engage, educate and empower your audience.

Our solutions allow you to start small and expand as the need arises. A unique set of solutions ensures you will continue to grow into the MediaTile platform by expanding the features in your digital signage network. These powerful features will help you engage, educate and empower your audience, so you can achieve your visual communication objectives.

Whether you have a display, video wall or an interactive kiosk, let our team help you build better brand awareness, and interact more effectively with your audience. We will work with you to determine what your customers are looking for and present it in a way that will allow them to engage with your brand.

Video Walls/Digital Menu Boards

Create visual impact.

Video Walls

The MediaTile platform has the built-in flexibility to support a wide range of multi-screen configurations including non-standard setups. If you are looking for a real wow factor, we have purpose built video wall players for video walls extending from simple 1 x 2 configurations to 8 x 4 configurations that can span a massive 30 feet.

  • Communicate your message with stunning 4K by including vivid images and eye-catching video
  • Video walls are impressive and are extremely flexible with many variations
  • Show a single video or create zones for multiple content and build your brand awareness
  • Video walls provide great entertainment value when watching sports or events, resulting in engaged customers

Digital Menu Boards

A digital menu board shows a more realistic expectation of what your food looks like and gives you better control of your content and brand. It also can point out featured items, best sellers and daily specials.

  • Update menu boards with a few clicks, spending less time and money
  • Easier to stay compliant with regulations requiring nutritional information
  • Promote products that are high in inventory and items that are new to the menu
  • Cut costs including printing and shipping menu board inserts

Merchandising Video Displays

Transform traditional to digital.

MVD Series – Merchandising Video Displays

Engage Digitally.

Create digitally immersive experiences by converting conventional merchandising displays and store shelves into digital media communicators. This multi-display configuration can either function as multiple individual displays or as a single messaging display, in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

    • Attract browsers by maximizing in-store visibility
    • Upsell products within the same category
    • Influence shoppers at the point of purchase
    • Build brand equity with lifestyle selling and dynamic content


Redefine content delivery.

Drive more in-store purchases.

Unlike Beacons, NFC is a set of communication protocols that enables communication between two devices. Simply bring the devices between a few inches of each other and communication is automatically established.

NFC enabled devices can work in three modes:

  • Card Emulation - enable payments or ticketing using a Smart Card or a mobile device
  • Reader/Writer - allows an NFC-enabled device to read information from an NFC-enabled tag or label
  • Peer to Peer - allows two NFC-enabled devices to exchange information with each other
NFC in Digital Signage
  • An NFC device can be built into a display or kiosk to allow users to tap their phone to receive additional information about the product being featured.
  • Engage you customers with mobile device integration.
  • Move content to your customers mobile devices that they will keep with them after they leave your display
  • Gain customer usage analytics.

Anonymous Analytics

Get more insight.

Content that speaks to your audience.

The MediaTile Anonymous Analytics and Facial Recognition feature can help identify who is viewing or interacting with your displays. It’s a great way to get insight to advertisers so they know who they are targeting. Use anonymous gender and age demographics to trigger specific content that directly relates to the viewer.

  • Know your audience
  • Associate viewer demographics with content
  • Display targeted content based on gender and age
  • Build business analytics for potential advertisers

Interactive Kiosks

Engage your audience.

Drive customer engagement.

Interactive kiosks are an effective way for you to engage with your audience. Kiosks helps reduce costs, increases efficiency and creates a personalized experience. They are great for showing discounts, special promotions and bundled packages when customers are walking by, which frees up employees. Adding touch interactivity to your kiosks can increase engagement with your brand, resulting in building trust and a higher chance of purchasing your product.

  • Enhance customer service that require an electronic interface
  • Improve the customer buying experience
  • Influence shoppers at the point of purchase
  • Help analyze consumer behavior


Targeted marketing that works.

Real time impact.

Beacons are small devices that repeatedly transmit a small amount of data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Wi-Fi with Bluetooth BLE. To make a Beacon useful, a device must be available to pick up the signal they send. This device is called a receiver. A mobile phone can work as both a Beacon and a receiver.

Benefits in Digital Signage

The 2 most common uses of Beacons are for monitoring the movements of people or assets within a space or for triggering a notification on a mobile device when a user enters a space. To make Beacons truly useful, they must be used in conjunction with mobile devices.

    • Create relevant messaging that is targeted individually
    • Document traffic patterns to ensure that screens are in the most optimal locations
    • In a retail environment, trigger a notification with a coupon on customers mobile phones and reinforce the promotion with related digital signage content
    • In a warehouse, trigger a warning message to display on a nearby screen when a user comes too close to a dangerous location or hazardous materials

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