What is digital signage?

There are a few main components that make up digital signage.

Digital Signage Hardware

Hardware refers to the actual electronics that physically make up digital signage. This can include screens, kiosks, tablets, billboards and media players that run your digital signage software. It’s also important that you use commercial hardware from a trusted source rather than buying consumer grade from a standard retailer. Using a consumer grade screen for business purposes will usually void the manufacturer warranty, as keeping these devices on puts them at risk of overheating, breaking or burning. Read more about the difference on our blog

Digital Signage Software

Content management software varies greatly between companies. This is the software that you use to connect to the digital signage network. Before moving forward with a content management software, ask to demo the platform so you have a sense whether its capabilities meet your communication needs and how easy it is to use. Some digital signage content management software is designed for specific industry use cases, such as a software that mainly specializes in creating restaurant menus. Others are versatile and can be used for use cases across several industries.

While software themselves are typically free, companies charge a licensing fee that connect your devices to their network through the software. These are usually billed annually.

Digital Signage Solutions for Your Industry

Select your industry to explore examples of hardware and software solutions and learn more about how digital signage can enhance and improve your business.


Whatever is presented on your screens is considered content. Depending on the content management software that you select, you can display photos, videos, text, webpages, weather, livestreams, and even standard or dynamic playlists for a combination of all of these. Consider what kind of content you’ll have displayed on your digital signage in order to pick a software that’s compatible with your needs.


Your devices can be connected to the digital signage network in many ways. Most networks are cloud-based, so you can access them through Wi-Fi, hardwiring or even cellular connectivity.

What is a digital signage solution?


A full digital signage solution is more than the nuts and bolts that run content on screens. An effective digital signage solution should enable you to communicate more effectively. Here are the steps that MediaTile takes to ensure you are getting a turn-key solution that fits your custom needs:

1. Decide on your communication goals, timeline and budget.

This is important to discuss internally in your business so that you can discuss these with digital signage solution providers and decide which is right for you.

2. Picking the right digital signage solutions provider.

Share your needs with your provider. Bring questions as well. We’ve included a list below for some ideas of what to ask.

3. Picking the right hardware, software and connectivity for your content.

This is also an opportunity for your digital signage solutions provider to help you decide what kind of screens you require and even what message to deliver. For example, a screen displaying ad for movie snacks might be better placed in a high-traffic area, but maybe not in a washroom where the viewer might have already finished watching their film.

4. Survey the site.

It’s important that you have a professional come to surveille the site to ensure that your screens can be mounted or placed safely.

5. Pay for or finance your solution.

Some digital signage solution providers offer financing, which allow you to split up payments in a way that actually might be more beneficial for your business. Read about MediaTile’s financing options and why you might finance over paying a full upfront fee.

6. Install your digital signage.

A great solutions provider will with installers on your behalf to ensure that your screens are delivered safely and installed properly.

7. Train your staff and get support.

MediaTile stands by our products, so all of our digital signage licensing comes with free lifetime technical training and support. Check with your digital signage solutions provider to see if they charge extra for support; these costs can add up over the lifespan of your digital signage.

Examples of Digital Signage Solutions

  • LED boards in school gymnasiums that are durable enough to withstand getting hit with a basketball, and serve as both a scoreboard and a screen that transforms one of your school’s biggest spaces into a versatile venue
  • Interactive kiosks in hotels that allow guests to self-check in via web browser, and display informational content about restaurant and gym features and amenities when they are not in use
  • Dust-proof screens that can withstand a busy factory setting while visually communicating safety alerts to workers in a loud environment

How do I pick a digital signage solutions provider?

Picking the right provider is the most important step in implementing a digital signage solution that works for you. This is why it’s important to come up with communications goals. A complete solution is more than screens and software; it’s an investment in your company. Below are some questions that you might want to ask a digital signage solutions provider, as well as answers from our own MediaTile digital signage experts:

How many screens can I manage on your software? Will it scale with my business?

MediaTile software is Enterprise grade, meaning it is designed to scale with your business. It’s also incredibly secure, so you don’t have to worry about losing control of your content as you expand.

Can I see a demo of your content management software platform?

Absolutely! We offer free demos with our digital signage experts.Book a demo of MediaTile’s content management software.

If I need support setting up or training my staff to use the digital signage, does it cost extra?

Not with MediaTile. All of our licensing fees include technical training and support from our team of digital signage experts.

What digital signage solutions have you provided to other businesses in my industry?

Check out our industry pages for some examples of who we’ve worked with and what solutions we’ve created for them. Your solution will, of course, be specific to your business. That said, we can always use examples of what other businesses in your industry are doing, as inspiration for what’s possible.

How long have you worked in digital signage?

We have over 35 years of experience working in digital signage. Read about our full history.