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Date: DEC 12 2018
Time: 10:30 AM EST | 11:15 AM EST
Duration: 45 minutes plus live Q&A

Having been in the digital signage space for some time now, we occasionally take for granted a customers knowledge of the different grades of displays. We often find ourselves on a conference call or in a sales meeting where a question comes up about which displays to use. It usually starts out with something like “Well, couldn't we buy our own displays at Costco or Best Buy?" A reasonable question but the answer may surprise you.

This webinar will address the differences between consumer grade screens and commercial grade screens in a digital signage scenario.

Join us for this interactive session - Key insights include:
  • Learn what the differences are between the types of screens
  • See how consumer and commercial screens behave in different scenarios
  • Discover the true cost of using consumer grade screens
  • Delve into the differences in warranties
  • Participate in an interactive Q&A to get your specific questions answered



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Amedeo Tarzia

Amedeo Tarzia

President & Chief Executive Officer
Amedeo is a 25 year plus entrepreneur in the vastly dynamic Information Technology sector. He founded his first technology company in 1985, a company which still thrives today and has seeded several spin-off technology ventures. He is known as a “value investor” with a keen eye for driving inorganic growth through acquisition of underfunded or poorly managed, yet intensely innovative technology companies. He has successfully completed numerous technology acquisitions, resulting in several technology spin-offs of his parent companies.

He has also been on the other side of the fence in leading the acquisition of one of his own R&D companies by a major UK based software giant. With an intense focus on “technology for the sake of business”, he drives innovation in technology that is broadly applicable to today’s businesses, resulting in rapid growth and profitability. He constantly reminds “It’s not just about building it; we ultimately have to be able to sell it”.

Michael Dukart

Director of Sales
With nearly 20 years of sales leadership experience, Mike brings a strong track record of leading strategic growth that is focused on customer satisfaction, new revenue streams, driving profitability, enhanced brand image and increased operational efficiency.

Mike is best known for his leadership and coaching abilities, competitive spirit, top-level sales results, winning team performance, and innovative solutions to address customer needs. “A natural leader who motivates and inspires results from team members and earns trust and collaboration from stakeholders at every level.