Stop Wasting Time! A Quick Guide to Magical Manufacturing Communications

[3 Minute Read]
When it comes to corporate communications, how much is your company spending on printing? Before working with us many of our customers used cork or white boards all over the building. Documents would get lost, dirty or erased. If only there was something easier, cleaner, more secure, cost conscious and better for the environment. Too good to be true? We think not! Imagine a world where you could create the information once and it would automatically be displayed where and when it’s supposed to. Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

Just call us the communication wizards!
At MediaTile, we are inspired to make magic happen, by helping our customers become more effective communicators. Abracadabra! Engage, empower and educate your audience. Innovating digital signage solutions makes communication easier and more effective.

Don’t Believe in Magic? Let's Get Real, Neither Do We...

MediaTile’s digital signage system isn’t magic, its leading-edge technology powered by an awesome tool called Dynamic Playlists. We know it sounds like hocus-pocus, but it’s really simple. In fact, we’ll give you an example in 1 minute or less:

Let’s say your manufacturing business has three buildings:

  1. Corporate & Administration offices
  2. Manufacturing & Assembly
  3. Shipping & Warehouse

You have 3 different items to communicate to the staff:

  1. New safety regulations for the manufacturing process
  2. Upcoming orders information for shipping and receiving
  3. An announcement about the upcoming company picnic (remember those?)
All three things are important, but they aren't appropriate for all departments, so you have to print different communications for the appropriate places. That’s a lot of printing and running around. Emailing risks, the communication not getting to the necessary people, and not everyone works at a computer; plus remember the Game of Telephone? The struggle is real!

Now say the magic words...

This is where a digital signage system with dynamic playlists comes in. Simply “tag” the content you want to display with the name of where you want it to be displayed and then, from the comfort of your own workspace, just drag-and-drop the tags to the playlist for the screens that you want it to be shown on. TADA!
In our example, the safety regulations would be tagged “#Manufacturing”, the upcoming orders information would be tagged “#Shipping”, and the “#Picnic” announcement would broadcast on all the building’s displays. You can even create more specific tags for different areas of the same building, such as separate “#Shipping” and a “#Warehouse” tags that show specific information on the Shipping screens vs. the Warehouse screens. Communicating with your teams can be as broad or as granular as you want.

What About Scheduled Stuff?

Want show specific content at specific times? No problem! Use the same process to set up recurring lunch, shift change, or other timed content. The timed content will play for as long as you want, and then return to the regular playback when its time is up.

Sounds Great, But Is It REALLLY That Easy?

We will bet our black top hat with a bunny inside, that it is really that simple. It’s as straight-forward as dragging and dropping what you want, where you want, when you want, and you’re done. You can get your messaging out to your audience in minutes with a wave of your mouse and a few strokes on your keyboard.

Okay It’s Easy, But What About Value?

Companies regularly invest in automation to help improve efficiency, and communication is no different. Our manufacturing customers use dynamic playlists to streamline the communications process to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Think about the cost savings on printing, the time you’ll save by not updating those walls and corkboards. Then the boost in productivity and morale, because of an informed, engaged workforce. Using this for safety communications alone; a digital signage platform is worth its weight in gold.
MediaTile consults and works with manufactures all over the world to inspire them to discover better ways to communicate with their workforces and to work together towards a successful future for everyone. Now, if you really want to see a magic show contact us for a demonstration. We’ll have a conversation where we’ll really get to know you, your business, and your people, and if we can help, we will.