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Innovation, and reliability in the digital signage industry for over 25 years.

Find out how digital signage can help your golf course

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Why digital signage is a MUST HAVE for the Golf industry

Make your venue look innovative and present a professional level of communication.
Interact with your audience in the most effective way, visualize content and provide relevant data.


Generate revenue with pro shop products displayed on the screens with the option to update this data fast and easy. Emphasize product lines, discounts and new arrivals.


Update your members and guests with the latest information. Tell more about your current deals, upcoming events and industry news.


Generate additional revenues for your facility by advertising 3rd party service providers.


Golf Tips and Product Reviews is a great way to reduce perceived wait times before a round of golf or while your guests relax after it.


Solutions You Can Build On

Our solutions allow you to start small and expand as the need arises. Whether you have a commercial grade display, video wall or an interactive kiosk, these powerful features will help you engage, educate and empower your audience, so you can achieve your visual communication objectives.

A unique set of solutions ensures you will continue to grow into the MediaTile platform by expanding the features in your digital signage network.

Equipment Built for 24/7 Use

MediaTile always provides its customers with commercial grade products, built for the rigors of 24/7 use.

From commercial grade commercial digital signage displays to commercial grade media players, cellular routers, interactive kiosks and digital signage mounting systems, we know how important it is

A Platform That Gives You Complete Creative Control

Your content management platform is the most important tool when it comes to maintaining an effective digital signage network. Our content management solution is easy to use and can scale to fit your needs, anywhere in the world.

By simply opening a browser, you can deliver content to the right place, at the right time, quickly and securely.

Services that take your Digital Signage Network to the next level

With innovation, and reliability in the digital signage industry for over 25 years, our in-house custom developers will work with you to bring your vision to life.

Our Customer Success Team is here to guide you through creating playlists, scheduling content, building templates and of course, any training or support you may require.

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