Digital Wayfinding

Use digital wayfinding to guide guests through complex environments such as hospitals, malls, schools, government facilities, office buildings and transportation areas. Alternatively, provide the convenience of on-the-go wayfinding information by effortlessly incorporating it into their smartphones and tablets.

"The platform is very user friendly; we're able to push out new content without any issues or wait time! The support we receive whenever we do have an issue is great!"

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An Affordable and Robust Digital Wayfinding Software Solution

MediaTile Digital Wayfinding Solutions combine innovative software and state-of-the-art interactive kiosks to deliver a superior user experience, guiding visitors through complex environments with ease and efficiency.

Our intuitive MediaTile interactive Wayfinding Software is specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries, including retail, healthcare, transportation, higher education and corporate campuses, and more. With real-time updates, dynamic routing, and a host of customizable features, our software empowers users to navigate any space confidently.

Interactive Wayfinding Software Used by leading institutions globally.

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Digital Wayfinding Software Features

Our easy-to-use and versatile MediaTile digital signage Content Management Software platform is designed with all the features and integrations you need for a powerful digital wayfinding solution.

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Get a Custom Digital Wayfinding Solution

Empower your facility visitors to navigate your space with confidence.

Interactive wayfinding allows users to tap on location listings or on the map to receive the easiest route to get there. QR code technology allows users to take the route with them so they don't get lost along the way. When interactive wayfinding kiosks are not in use, the screens can run your digital signage content.

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    Digital Wayfinding Across Various Industries

    Digital Wayfinding Solutions have been widely adopted across various key industries to enhance user experiences, improve operational efficiency, and provide valuable insights. Some of the primary industries that utilize these solutions include: