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Improve Banking Communication

The strategic placement and usage of digital signs in retail and corporate banking environments can positively affect customer and employee experience.

Improve Customer Experience 

There is a reason banks expend time and effort conducting surveys and tracking customer experience. The customer experience (CX) is tied to brand reputation, retention, and profits. Perceived wait times while in line at your branch or waiting areas is a factor that can negatively impact CX. Waiting creates boredom, frustration, impatience, anxiety. Unless this negativity is mitigated, it can affect the overall experience, potentially making customers less receptive to returning. One of the easiest ways to reduce this negativity is to engage, educate and empower the customer. Strategically placed displays entertain those waiting with something to watch and listen to, keeping their minds off the seconds ticking away. The wait time will be less noticeable, supporting a positive mental state for the current interaction and their overall impression; rather than the wait being a foot-tapping annoyance.   

A Captive Audience 

Lines and waiting areas are also an opportunity to promote products and services to your audience. The wait time can also be used to intrigue customers by piquing their interest and educating them about product opportunities promoted by Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). An effective multimedia product promotion can pass on information quickly and more completely than a passive printed poster and with less cost. This gives the customer some familiarity with the offer before the CSR mentions it and could even entice them to ask about specific products or services that interest them proactively. This can increase sales and service portfolios, driving more business and profits for the bank.    

Attract Retail Customers

Despite the rise in popularity of web access and mobile apps, local branches are still a significant touchpoint for all banking business types, from mortgages, investing to accounting. Bright, vivid displays are an effective way of capturing attention and delivering strategic messaging designed to attract potential new customers and reinforce the brand. 

Value Added in Many Areas 

In such a highly competitive industry, every advantage gained can significantly impact the bottom line. Any investment in a product or service has to have a measurable positive impact that delivers a demonstrable return on investment. Digital Signage can have a significant effect in both retail and corporate banking environments in a variety of different ways for both customers and staff. The cumulative effect can add up to a net gain for the overall business of the bank. 

Happy and Informed Staff = Happy and Informed Customers 

Communication with staff is essential for morale, engagement, information, and more. Digital signs can stream a wide variety of content, even on a single screen. It is easy to customize the content to be specific to different locations, or a unified message across all sites. It is also a great tool for employee recognition. 

Safety First

In our era of global health concerns, digital signage is a useful tool for safety, messaging, and protection. Digital kiosks with integrated touchless hand sanitizer dispensers, temperature checks, and mask detection offer necessary health measures and targeted communication at high traffic areas such as entrances. Safety rules and policies can be effectively communicated with video, sound, and imagery to retail customers, corporate visitors, and staff alike. In an emergency, digital screens can activate an emergency alert override that displays relevant messaging and instructions on all screens in affected areas. It is a fast and easy way to protect employees in extreme situations and show everyone you care about their wellbeing.

Security and Management 

Security is a top priority for corporate and customer information. Activity logs, secure data transmission, and network isolation are among the security features designed to protect your digital signage network. Access permissions can be assigned to specific roles or areas, both as a workload distribution solution and a security consideration. The displays are run by a straightforward, yet powerful content management system. The simple to use system makes it easy to stream content as desired in pre-built templates or customized to need. The system supports dozens of different types of content that can be deployed independently or in unison. It can be as simple as point, click, drag, drop, and type.

Corporate Communication

Digital display effectiveness is not limited to retail locations. Corporate locations can take advantage of digital signage to project the same branding and communication for corporate visitors and staff. A digital wayfinding system can help effectively direct foot traffic within a building, campus, or even multiple locations creating a striking first impression and an innovative, attractive interface that is up to date and accurate. When not in use, the wayfinding system can function as a regular digital screen, thereby adding more value by building your brand and impressing visitors with stock data, financial news, company information, and more.

About MediaTile

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