Dual & Single Sided Duraline All-Weather Freestanding Outdoor Kiosks

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These kiosks are designed to withstand outdoor elements with their all-weather rating and exceptional durability, ensuring longevity. Even when exposed to direct sunlight, the digital signage content remains vivid and sharp, guaranteeing an exceptional viewing experience.


  • The fully sealed design of the IP66 Rated display effectively prevents the entry of foreign materials, such as water, dust, moisture, and insects into the display.
  • With the optional IR Touch Overlay, you can easily transform the kiosk into an interactive display. This overlay features a plug-and-play design and can detect up to 10 touch points, including fingers, gloved hands, and styluses.
  • The media cabinet, which is rated IP55, offers ample dedicated storage space for AV components. The built-in fans provide active cooling to ensure optimal temperature control.
  • The louvered side vents not only promote display and component ventilation but also keep cords and other internal parts out of sight, resulting in a neat installation.
  • The extended base cover enables power and data to be routed up through the bottom center while hiding the conduit, resulting in a tidy installation.
  • By combining a stainless steel and aluminum body with an outdoor-rated paint finish, this product offers unparalleled resistance to corrosion.
  • This product has been tested to withstand winds of up to 135 mph.
  • This product features a stylish yet sturdy design that not only shields the display but also provides generous room for storing components.
  • To cater to your specific product requirements, this product is available in black or silver and can be purchased with or without speakers.
  • This package is equipped with four 4-inch, 100-watt, waterproof speakers, ensuring clear and undistorted audio output suitable for outdoor use.

Designed from the ground up to meet AODA & CAN/CSA B651.02-07 Accessibility Standards.

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Duraline Outdoor All-Weather Dual-Sided Freestanding Kiosk
Outdoor Dual-Sided Kiosk Specs
Duraline Outdoor All-Weather Single-Sided Freestanding Kiosk
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