Manufacturers are using Technology to Improve Safety

It is all over the news how hard manufacturing has been hit by the global pandemic. The impact on the workforce has been devastating. It has affected productivity and, in some cases, the ability to function. Even industries with a high adaptation of automation and crisis management have been impacted. The health and safety of the workforce is crucial to manufacturing success and continuity. Businesses are turning to technology to help them protect their people now and into the future.
Before working with MediaTile, our manufacturing customers shared some common challenges, especially regarding health and safety. Let's focus on the positive. When there’s a problem, MediaTile solves it! Learn more below:

"Sorry, I can't hear you!"

You know it! Plants are noisy. So how do you deliver important messages to your team without losing your voice from yelling? They aren’t available to read your email, and it's dangerous for them to talk on their cellphones. You can make PA announcements, but it's hard to hear you. Besides, this isn't high school. You could deliver a note, but PETA has banned the use of carrier pigeons; plus, there are different messages for different locations. That would take a lot of pigeons. The reality is, communicating with the floor staff in a safe, effective manner is challenging. What can you do?

MediaTile’s digital displays communicate important messaging quickly to the whole plant or by section. Because it’s visual, they can keep their hearing protection on. Whether the messaging is ongoing or urgent, the platform is easy to update in minutes. Workers stay more updated and informed of important information. An informed team is typically a happy team!

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Good old Benjamin Franklin was right! Large workforces with different shifts are difficult to assess. Previous to using MediaTile, some of our manufacturing customers were employing someone by the entrances to examine and survey at-risk staff. Like bad news, an infection can travel quickly, spreading through the plant and risking the entire workforce and business.

As mentioned, when there’s a problem, MediaTile solves it! At the start of the pandemic, our team was inspired to help with technology. We want to protect people’s health. The result was our Safety-Line technologies, which empower communication using digital displays, and also incorporates hand sanitizer, mask detection, temperature scanners, and anonymous analytics. And as for that poor employee at the door monitoring people, that's an inefficient manual process. If only there was a way to automate it... See where we are going with this? Safety-Line technologies can issue an alert or even automatically deny entry if someone fails to hand sanitize, has a temperature, isn’t wearing their mask, or doesn't complete a COVID-19 screening survey (if required). By preventing infection from entering the workplace, workplaces can reduce the likelihood of an outbreak. Believe us, the person currently taking surveys at the entrance will be eternally grateful!

"I'm not touching that . . . Gross!"

It should be common sense, but it’s not a good idea to go around touching things in a manufacturing plant, even before COVID. People’s hands can be covered in oils, chemicals, and other products that can mess up computers and paper products. Plus, there are dangerous items throughout. Wearing gloves can help protect your hands, yet they don’t make accessibility easier.

Let’s get touchless-feely. Our technology has multiple touchless interaction methods that solve these issues and are also fun to use. Gesture and smart-device control engage and empower workers to access information or to communicate without touching common surfaces. It’s fun, it’s safe, who could ask for more!

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It's Physical Distancing on Steroids

Over the past year, we’ve been told repeatedly that physical distancing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We really need a hug! In reality, that’s hard to do in some work environments. People are having meetings and working in close quarters. And don’t get us started on those cork metrics boards. Who are those brave souls who update them with print-outs all over the facility? We salute you! How can we deliver information while limiting contact?

If you’re a fan of physical distancing or just have to keep it up, we have good news for you. MediaTile delivers information via the cloud. That means administrators can deliver information to any digital display from anywhere (worldwide) through an internet connection. It’s that easy. They don’t even have to get out of their cozy pajamas. By eliminating the antiquated print-and-post system, information is delivered virtually with no physical contact. Need to talk to someone in another area? MediaTile can host live, two-way video calls from a kiosk. It is a powerful tool.

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Let's Leave the Straightjackets in Storage

Lockdowns and physical distancing are taking a toll on our psyches. Humans are social creatures, and while we are doing what we have to do to keep ourselves and each other safe, it hasn’t been easy. We feel you. Fear and uncertainty are pushing the boundaries of our mental health, which, in turn, affects physical health and job performance. It's been tough. How are you helping your people cope?

The ability to engage with your people, even digitally, can do absolute wonders for morale. A digital communication system lets you reach out to employees and deliver positive news, current updates, employee engagement and other outreaches. A little bit of inclusion and some fun can make a massive difference in your workers' lives. Employees feel more engaged and less isolated, leading to higher productivity and better overall mental health.
Now, we have a question for you: Is your business finding innovative ways to protect the health and safety of your workforce?

Our manufacturing customers use MediaTile to improve internal communications at multiple levels throughout their organizations and to effectively communicate what they need to protect their workforces and sustain productivity for the benefit of the whole organization.

MediaTile consults and works with manufacturers all over the world, inspiring them to discover better ways to communicate with their workforces, to keep them healthy and safe, and to work together towards a prosperous future for everyone. We would like to do the same for you. It starts with contacting us. We’ll have a conversation to get to know you, your business, and your people, and if we can help, we will.