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Share The Workload Using Zone-Based Access

Manage your digital signage team with zone-based access. Team members can be assigned custom permissions allowing Admins to separate messaging responsibilities by department.

Separate messaging responsibilities

The most overlooked component in digital signage - yet the absolute most critical - is the content. Display material is often over-simplified due to the perceived workload and maintenance concerns meaning you are not getting the most out of your digital display system. The simple solution is to divide the responsibility up between multiple stakeholders and assign each a zone of responsibility. Team members can be assigned custom permissions allowing Administrators to separate messaging responsibilities by department.

Why multi-zoned digital signage?

When managing the digital signage content flow it can be overwhelming, if not impossible, to cover all the information from multiple departments. Sharing the workload with your digital signage team using zone-based access can ease this process by separating messaging responsibilities by department. Not only does zone division distribute the content workload into more manageable sections, it also allows segment experts and stakeholders to manage their own content, leading to more compelling and accurate information.
Using a school for example, zones can be divided up by faculty department. One zone can be dedicated to sports, while another zone can be dedicated to the lunch menu, and a third to the academic calendar. A zone can even be specifically dedicated to off-campus advertising creating revenue opportunities.

When to use multi-zoned digital signage

In the right location, multi-zoned display layouts can turn a static digital display into a powerful communication tool. Multiple zones have the ability to display different pieces of content that cover a range of relevant information to a potentially diverse audience.

High dwell time areas such as foyer entrances, lobbies, lunch rooms and staff areas are perfect locations for multi-zoned displays as they are captive audience environments with many potentially differing interests to address.

The MediaTile Platform

Using multi-zoned layouts is easy with the MediaTile platform. Our Content Designer features built-in apps including social media channels, clocks, weather, news, and sports feeds, TV, and more. You can also display custom video and image content. MediaTile works with you to find the optimal arrangement for your specific environment.

To view a demo on how to maximize the potential of using multi zoned layouts and how they can streamline your digital signage teams workflow, please CONNECT with one of our digital signage experts today.