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Software Solutions for Existing Hardware

MediaTile makes it easy to transition from another system, taking advantage of your existing investment in displays and media players.
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We want to move to MediaTile. Can we use our existing hardware?

At times, we get approached by companies who are not happy with their current digital signage system and are looking to transition to a new digital signage system that is better able to meet their needs. There are many reasons why companies want to make the switch.
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3 reasons for switching

We’ve found that the top 3 reasons for switching are:
  1. Poor reliability
  2. Lack of functionality
  3. Ineffective and expensive support
MediaTile addresses these three main concerns. MediaTile makes it easy to transition from another system and take advantage of existing investments in displays and media players while still getting the benefits of a robust content management system.

Switching Digital Signs

Connectivity to a screen is basically the same over all brands. The quality and longevity of the display can vary greatly but the ability to connect a media player to it remains the same.

Screen quality is an important issue. Compare the differences between commercial and consumer displays to understand why consumer grade screens are not appropriate for digital signage.

Switching Media Players

The vast majority of digital signage runs on Windows based media players and there are a lot of good reasons for this especially in the corporate and institutional environments. Windows PCs are by far the most used computer platform by businesses and institutions so they are very familiar with these devices. If your media players are Windows based then there should be no problem transitioning to MediaTile.

MediaTile offers a free certification service that will confirm that your Windows media players will be able to run the playback software.

Samsung System on Chip (SOC) Displays

MediaTile partnered with Samsung to develop a full featured media player application for their SOC screens. If you are using any supported Samsung Smart screens, then the transition will be very easy. Learn more about Samsung Smart displays.

Connect with an Expert

Ask our experts about switching to MediaTIle today.


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    MediaTIle is reliable, full service digital signage solution and can supply whatever is needed to ensure a smooth transition. Regardless of your situation, you can feel confident moving to MediaTile.