Meet some of our experts that will make your digital signage solution successful.

Passion Meets Technology

Our passion for technology knows no boundaries. Our Leadership Team brings over 25 years of experience in developing creative and innovative products and features to help you more effectively engage your audience and get your message out.​

We have a great team of experts who know the technology and what it takes to make your digital signage network successful.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Amedeo Tarzia

I’m either working or in front of a BBQ.

Amedeo is a 25 year plus entrepreneur in the vastly dynamic Information Technology sector. He founded his first technology company in 1985, a company which still thrives today and has seeded several spin-off technology ventures. He is known as a “value investor” with a keen eye for driving inorganic growth through acquisition of underfunded or poorly managed, yet intensely innovative technology companies. He has successfully completed numerous technology acquisitions, resulting in several technology spin-offs of his parent companies. He has also been on the other side of the fence in leading the acquisition of one of his own R&D companies by a major UK based software giant. With an intense focus on “technology for the sake of business”, he drives innovation in technology that is broadly applicable to today’s businesses, resulting in rapid growth and profitability. He constantly reminds “It’s not just about building it; we ultimately have to be able to sell it”.

Chief Technology Officer

Jens Kofoed

I once forgot that I like Led Zeppelin… Kidding, who does that!

Jens is a 25+ year veteran of the software industry with an excellent track record for leading the development of innovative products in diverse industry sectors including Computer Graphics, CRM, Mobility and Digital Signage. He has successfully onboarded several technology aquisitions building up talented and passionate teams and building strong and user friendly technologies with a focus on providing real business value. Jens has worked extensively developing and nurturing mutually beneficial technology partnerships that support or enhance core software products. Prior to joining Corum Digital Corporation, Jens played a pivotal leading role in the development and subsequent sale of a Mobile CRM platform to a large UK based, multinational software company and was brought on as Director of Engineering for the companies Mobile and Wireless division.

Director of Sales & Marketing

Michael Dukart

With nearly 20 years of sales leadership experience, Mike brings a strong track record of leading strategic growth that is focused on customer satisfaction, new revenue streams, driving profitability, enhanced brand image and increased operational efficiency. Mike is best known for his leadership and coaching abilities, competitive spirit, top-level sales results, winning team performance, and innovative solutions to address customer needs. “A natural leader who motivates and inspires results from team members and earns trust and collaboration from stakeholders at every level.”

“If there is a sporting event on TV, don’t call, I’m busy”

Email :mdukart@corumdogital.com

Phone: 416-342-0637

Business Development Manager

Alex Kerbabian

I have 20K worth of horror movie memorabilia collected since I was 8 years old.

Alex joined MediaTile at the start of 2017, bringing a fresh perspective to the team. With over 20 years of experience, Alex enjoys being challenged where he has the opportunity to learn about different products and services. In his spare time, Alex enjoys writing movie scripts and acting.



Business Development Manager

Michael Corniffe

20+ years of solution sales and marketing experience in the online and digital space, Mike brings a refreshing methodology to the MediaTile team spanning various verticals to MediaTile’s Business Development area. Passionate about helping all of our current and potential clients enhance their digital businesses, this avenue has lead him to much success with tier 1 clients. In his spare time, you can find Coach Mike on the soccer pitch coaching and training some of Canada’s top soccer players and teams.

Email :mcorniffe@corumdigital.com


Client Services Manager

Elaine Nugent

I am an obsessive collector of dragon flies.

Elaine works closely with our customers, from on-boarding to training and making sure they have everything they need. As a long time member of the Corum Digital team, Elaine enjoys working closely with the Support Team and the front end customers. When she’s not collecting dragonflies, she is attending concerts with her daughter or spending time with her husband.



Director of Research & Development

Wess Bechard

In my spare time, I’m an avid Homebrewer.

As the Director of Research & Development, Wess manages the entire Product Support Specialist team. Working closely on the software development side, he uses industry trends to come up with innovative ideas to improve our digital signage platform. Wess loves spending time with his 2 children, being active and of course, being an avid Homebrewer.



Product Support Specialist

Dylan Brown

I am a technology generalist, and a VR evangelist. I love competing in e-sports events.

Dylan Brown is Systems Analyst and Quality Assurance for Corum. His love for technology stems from his passion for solving new and diverse technical problems – variety is engaging. In his free time he enjoys competitive gaming, skiing, guitar and exploring new technology.



Product Support Specialist

Adam Johnson

I love animals and live outside of the city on a farm.

Adam works closely with our users to support and interpret how we can best improve our solution to meet the needs of our clients. Adam works on testing new software and helps get deployed out to our user base quickly and efficiently. Outside of the office, Adam enjoys woodworking and being outdoors in his spare time.



Product Support Specialist

Derek Simpson

I love camping.

As a Product Support Specialist, Derek engages in different aspects of technology. Working with the front end users as well as developers on the back-end, gives him a great opportunity to flow between different projects and experiences. Derek also heads our after-hours and multilingual support, allowing him to speak to our customers around the world. A big camping fan, Derek enjoys the outdoors and trying on different hats. Literally.



Visual communication is our passion.

Day in and day out, we live and breathe Digital Visual Communication. We have a great team of experts who know the technology and what it takes to make your digital signage network successful.

Visual communication is our passion.

Day in and day out, we live and breathe Digital Visual Communication. We have a great team of experts who know the technology and what it takes to make your digital signage network successful.