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March 15, 2018

MediaTile introduces Advanced Support for Video Walls!

  This release introduces a new Player mode called Multi-Screen* that makes it easier to manage Video Wall player content. Along with the new mode, several enhancements have […]
February 17, 2017

MediaTile Introduces new internal Data Providers allowing users to more easily manage local data sources right inside the MediaTile Portal

September 24, 2016

MediaTile Introduces new external Data Providers and Data Widgets, allowing users to more easily integrate data into their content from remote data sources

August 20, 2016

MediaTile introduces a new Weather Widget to its Content Designer with an all new feature set. Fully customizable with 5 new layouts and 4 new icon sets

June 8, 2015

MediaTile introduces Content Designer, an HTML5 based, easy to use drag and drop content creation tool

December 16, 2014

MediaTile 7 is released which includes a brand-new User Interface

April 15, 2014

MediaTile infrastructure is moved to the largest cloud infrastructure provider in the world, providing for greater scalability of individual enterprises

September 10, 2013

MediaTile introduces a brand-new Android based Media Player

June 3, 2013

The next generation of Video Presence/HumanKiosk, 2-way video chat platform is released

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