Corporate Communication

Digital signage that engages, informs and empowers your employees regardless of office size or number of locations.

Improve Employee Communication

Digital Signage - Corporate Communication

Ensure a common vision and corporate culture.

Digital signage has many uses in a corporate environment. You now have the ability to consistently and effectively communicate with your employees regardless of office size or number of locations. Companies that operate out of several offices or manufacturing locations can find it difficult to communicate with remote employees.

Using workplace digital signage ensures a common vision and corporate culture, while making content locally engaging in areas like break rooms, cafeterias and factory lines. Engage employees with team photos, event videos and messages regarding charitable initiatives. Improve employee communication and morale by recognizing accomplishments and creating team leader boards. You can also use digital signage to train employees who work in remote locations so there is consistency in training.

Ensure a safe working environment by creating an emergency broadcast override system to keep employees aware of inclement weather or impending danger. Extend corporate communication to front lobbies to welcome guests and create a great first impression. Show your companies rich history using visually impactful videos.

Create an immersive digital experience, so each individual has a personal interaction with your brand.

Product Spotlight

Video Walls

Make an Impression

Video Walls provide a visually stunning WOW factor! This is a great way to modernize the look of any reception area or presentation center. Welcome your guests and showcase new products or services in a visually dramatic fashion.

You can:.
  • Welcome your guests with personalized welcome messages
  • Promote new products and services
  • Showcase Client Video Testimonials
  • Promote your company’s history and milestones


Employee disengagement costs more than $500 billion per year to the U.S. economy. Source: Officevibe
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Technology and Corporate Communications

Whether you’re welcoming visitors or communicating changes to benefits, new health and safety regulations or the next company picnic, you need to trust that your message is getting out. With the ability to manage a single office or multiple facilities around the world, you can control all of your screens right from your browser.

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