Full control from your browser, anywhere around the world.

The MediaTile Portal

Your content management platform is the single most important asset when it comes to maintaining an effective visual messaging network. MediaTile is easy to use yet powerful and robust enough to handle any sized network, anywhere in the world. All right from a browser, delivering your content to the right place, at the right time, quickly, easily, and securely. It has a powerful set of remote troubleshooting and maintenance tools and it’s supported by a great team of people with a ton of experience.

Cloud Based

  • No expensive onsite servers to install and maintain or software to purchase
  • Cloud infrastructure is managed by our team of experts
  • Silent, automatic software updates

Easy Management

    • Manage individual displays or groups of displays all at the same time
    • Easily change content, modify schedules or view playback reports
    • Available online how-to videos and documents, on-going training and support

Content Creation

  • Create professional looking content using a simple drag and drop interface
  • Incorporate playlists, images, videos, tickers, local news and weather
  • Stay within your brand guidelines


  • Roles-based security allows you to control what each user can see and do
  • All activity is logged by user and time stamped
  • Media players communicate with the MediaTile Portal via secure HTTPS


Interactivity is a great way to connect with your audience through touch enabled kiosks and displays. You can use social media integration, include interactive trivia and contests or use it to gain more insight as to who is interacting with you.

Use interactivity to:

      • Include QR Codes, RFID, NFC, motion sensors and gesture controls
      • Gain insight into user interaction
      • Engage customers through interactive content

Anonymous Analytics and Facial Recognition

Our Anonymous Analytics and Facial Recognition can help identify who is viewing or interacting with your displays. It’s a great way to get insight to advertisers so they know who they are targeting. Use anonymous gender and age demographics to trigger specific content that directly relates to the viewer.

This feature can:

      • Know your audience
      • Ability to associate viewer demographics with content
      • Display targeted content based on gender and age
      • Build business analytics for potential advertisers

Remote Management

One thing that separates MediaTile from other digital signage platforms is our ability to remotely manage your network. This includes both our Windows based media players and our Android based media players. These features dramatically reduce your Total Cost of Ownership and often negate the requirement for service technicians to attend on-site.

These features include:

      • Highly reliable with a robust set of remote management and automated maintenance tools that ensures your content continues to play uninterrupted
      • Remote screen and keyboard access to your media players
      • Remote maintenance of media players including operating system updates
Remote Management in digital signage


Having a secure system in place is critical for any digital signage network.

With our security capabilities, you can:

      • Maintain precise control over what each user can see
      • Roles-based security for all platform features
      • Media players communicate with the MediaTile Portal via secure HTTPS
      • Hosted with the largest cloud service provider in the world
Security in digital signage


Wayfinding is an effective way to guide people through complex environments such as malls, healthcare facilities, educational campuses, government facilities, office buildings and transportation areas.

Use Wayfinding to:

      • Make it easier for customer to find their way around your facility
      • Update facility changes remotely
      • Integrates with other branded content
mother and baby using the Wayfinding

Room Booking

Looking for a meeting room in any facility can be difficult. Either meetings rooms are full or in-use for the entire day. Using Room Booking software allows you to see the meeting schedule so you can work around it for a more productive day.

Room Bookings can:

      • Show your upcoming meetings
      • Increase room booking efficiency
      • Decrease the possibility of double bookings
booking room and digital signage

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