Hospitality Digital Signage

Digital signage can help resorts and hotels connect and communicate with their guests by highlighting in-facility amenities and services, along with the availability and schedules of local activities, events and eateries.   The result -

Digital Signage for Hospitality

a more enjoyable stay for the guest with the increased possibility of a return visit or word-of-mouth recommendation.

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"Getting the entire system up and running took less than a day, and was deployed without any reconfiguration of our facility. Its plug-and-play capability and its easy-to-use web-based control center made this the ideal solution for us." 
                                        -Brian Stickel, Marketing Director, Knoxville Raceway

Typically deployed in the lobby and other high-traffic or waiting areas, large-screen signage systems help inform guests and visitors about all options inside and outside the facility.   Playlists and marketing promotions change throughout the day in order to highlight time-sensitive offerings and specials, while continually reminding guests of important travel information, weather, and local and national news.

Solutions for Hospitality Businesses

Our cellular digital signage solution makes it easy for Hotels and Resorts and their integrators to deploy a signage network across multiple facilities.    No on-site network connection is needed, and displays can be centrally managed and controlled.