Brands at-the-shelfDigital Signage for Brands

Products vie for visibility on store shelves crowded with competing brands.  How do you ensure your brand captures the attention of shoppers passing by, and how do you communicate the value of your product beyond what is evident in your packaging?

"Using MediaTiles, we were able to deploy an in-store broadcast network that dramatically increased our product sales...This is the future of advertising."
                          -Keith Knowling, (retired), CEO, RAM Forest Products

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End-cap shelves with digital signage networks promoting the very produ

Brands at-the-shelf

cts displayed on them are a proven show-stopper.  Moving images and audio are an effective tool for pulling customers toward your products.  You can even use these shelf displays to highlight other products in your catalogue, or run advertisements that are compelling and entertaining for your captive audience.

Unlike with traditional television advertising, digital signage grabs the attention of consumers already out of their homes and of the mindset to shop.