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Now more than ever before, banks and lending institutions are seeking strategic ways to retain their customers and attract new business.  With the consolidation of so many large players in the banking industry, how best to distinguish your business and present something of value to your customers?

"MediaTile’s interactive kiosk and digital signage solution is just what we were looking for to help us draw more people into our facility, so that they could better understand and engage important community activities, events and programs."
        -Mary Anne Carson, Senior Vice President,
                                                       Santa Cruz County Bank

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Case Study - Santa Cruz County BankDigital signage enables you to promote your products and services directly to your customers, on your turf.  You control the content and frequency of your promotions, which can be interspersed with community updates or events of note.

Informing customers while they wait in teller queues passes time more quickly for them, and gives you an additional opportunity to attract new business.

Digital signage replaces costly print advertising in your bank, modernizing the appearance of your facility while reducing waste and clutter.  It’s also an efficient way to ensure your messages are always current, your promotions timely.