Video Presence

MediaCast Video Presence - powering the HumanKiosk Solution

MediaCast Video Presence takes customer service to a whole new level with innovative viewer engagement and remote personal service capabilities. MediaCast Video Presence is the cloud-based service that powers the HumanKiosk Solution. The MediaCast Video Presence system is seamlessly integrated with, and includes the MediaCast Content Management System (CMS), delivering both interactive digital signage capabilities and an intelligent video call routing solution. MediaCast Video Presence extends the capabilities of interactive digital signage by enabling a customer to have live, 2-way face-to-face conversations with a remote expert.
As the world’s first intelligent, cloud-based video call routing solution, MediaCast Video Presence delivers a truly unique and innovative level of personal interaction.


MediaCast Video Presence controls and manages three distinct components of the HumanKiosk Solution. MediaCast Video Presence includes all the software elements that control:

HumanKiosk-certified hardware platforms – through pre-configured, on-board software that enables the device to display and manage interactive digital promotions, and have the viewer engage directly in a face-to-face conversation with a remote expert agent
• Remote Expert Agents – through a web-based interface using industry standard pc’s, notebooks or slates, the system enables agents to accept calls from viewers interacting with the HumanKiosk hardware, place video calls on hold, transfer calls and captures the consumer’s touch-based and conversational interactions.
Content Management - through a web-based interface, the system enables marketers to manage content on individual, or groups of, HumanKiosk hardware systems, to create playlists, and schedule interactive digital media promotions

Intelligent Video Call Routing System
The heart of the MediaCast Video Presence is the cloud-based intelligent video call routing system. The system is unique in that it offers the ability to define the business-logic that will automatically (intelligently) direct a video call to the appropriate remote agent. Agents are automatically “selected” based on the user’s “workflow” which is comprised of their unique selection of interactive touch-screen elements, such as product type, feature set or language preferences.

Workflow is associated with touch-enabled on-screen content elements which are predefined, and mapped to logical “hunt groups.” Remote experts are “assigned” to these hunt groups, and can be members of multiple groups based on their specific level of subject matter expertise or language skills.

The system is flexible in that “hunt groups” can be easily defined and created based on workflow and individual elements the user has selected. Unlike other 2-way video technologies where the user, or “caller,” has to know the call destination by number or specific user name, MediaCast Video Presence delivers an intelligent call-routing system that connects the viewer, based on their specific needs, to an on-demand expert who can answer their questions with absolute precision.

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