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Our extensive industry experience will ensure your content addresses your industry specific needs.

  Industry Overview

Industry specific experience is essential for the deployment of an effective digital signage solution. Our industry solution specialists will help you create engaging and impactful content templates for your specific industry. Select your industry from the list below to see how we’ve helped others in your industry.

We serve the following industries:

 Digital Signage Benefits

Whether you are in an industry that requires you to engage employees or help consumers make informed decisions, digital signage ensures effective communication. The MediaTile CMS platform combined with commercial grade displays, interactive kiosks and visually striking video walls effectively communicates your message.

Engage With Your Audience

  • Inform customers with product offerings, service details, company news and current promotions
  • Greet guests with personalized welcome messages in reception and front lobbies
  • Reduce perceived wait times in lines
  • Replace potentially bland printed materials with more dynamic and impactful content
  • Effectively communicate with employees regardless of office size or number of locations

Catered To Your Industry

  • Information displays in high traffic areas
  • Target content for local or regional areas
  • Influence consumers at the “point of decision”
  • Self Service Kiosks for Improved Check-in times
  • Provide dynamic flight arrival and departure information, including delays and cancellations
  • Manage your entire network from any browser, anywhere

Features You Can Use

  • Targeting content using Anonymous Video Analytics and WiFi/Bluetooth Beacons
  • Wayfinding to help visitors easily navigate your facility
  • Quick Emergency Broadcast – Ensure a safe working environment
  • Display room booking and meeting information
  • Display local/regional news headlines, RSS feeds, weather and Live TV

Inspire Your Employees

  • Using Leaderboards recognize sales leaders
  • Employee of the Month programs
  • Staff recognition displays to increase employee moral
  • Teach staff with the latest training videos and tutorials
  • Communicate changes in policies and procedures

Reduce Costs & Increase Revenue

  • Printing costs of location maps, daily schedules and activities
  • Logistics costs of static communications that may never be read
  • Create revenue opportunities for potential advertisers
industries and digital signage

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