industrial and digital signage


Effectively communicate with all employees regardless of plant size or number of locations.

 Digital Signage for Industrial

Manufacturers need to communicate with workers that do not have access to computers or email while at work. Many may be located in different locations across the company or around the world.

Digital signage used in industrial environments is a highly impactful way to communicate with all employees. From digital screens in cafeterias and break rooms, to production line screens that integrate with back office data and display critical information. Keep your employees informed of safety measures as well as updated policies and procedures.

Engage employees with team photos, event videos and messages regarding charitable initiatives. Improve employee morale by recognizing employee accomplishments. Ensure a safe working environment by creating an emergency broadcast override system to keep employees aware of inclement weather or impending danger.

industrial and digital signage


Improved Employee Communication

  • Effectively communicate with employees regardless of plant size or number of locations
  • Keep employees informed of safety measures as well as updated policies and procedures
  • Build team spirit with team photos and event videos
  • Recognize employee accomplishments
  • Ensure a safe working environment with emergency alerts

Corporate Branding

  • Extend digital communication to entrance ways and lobbies with impressive video walls
  • Greet guest with personalized welcome messages
  • Promote new products and services in waiting areas

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce effort and associated printing and logistics costs of static communications that may never be read
  • Replace printed materials with dynamic and visually engaging content

Product Spotlight

Harsh Environment Display Enclosures

Protect your displays from damage, particularly in harsh industrial environments. Sealed, lockable and secure; our harsh environment enclosures offer superior protection for your investment.

Your LCD Screen will be protected from:

  • Dust and small particulates – ideal for industrial environments
  • Electrical surges – protect sensitive electronics from power fluctuation
  • Physical impact – cuts down or eliminates repairs due to impact
  • Theft – Enclosure is lockable and secure
Harsh Environment Display Enclosures

Technology and Manufacturing

In 2012, the most recent year for official statistics, there were 977 workplace-related fatalities in Canada, according to the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada.

Source: CBC

Make safety a priority by using visual communications in your industrial facility. Stay on top of safety training, emergency communications and updates to policies and procedures so you can keep your staff safe.

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