government and digital signage


Inform the public with updated information on policy and procedures, including new forms, scheduled closings and safety alerts

Digital Signage for Government

Government agencies need to inform citizens while engaging and empowering government employees.

Deploying digital signs in city, state/provincial and federal government buildings will create a mechanism for effective communication. Educate and inform citizens in waiting areas and lines in multiple languages.

Deliver messages with holiday notices and event information. Incorporate Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks to help citizens easily navigate your facilities. Create a safe environment for all visitors and employees with a system wide emergency broadcast system.

Integrating Visual Communication into Government


Effective Communication

  • Inform and update citizens on current projects and initiatives
  • Increase engagement by informing citizens of upcoming events
  • Display local/regional news headlines, weather and Live TV to reduce perceived wait times
  • Utilize Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks to direct citizens to easily navigate your facility
  • Reduce printing and logistics costs of static communications that may never be read

Employee Engagement

  • Consistently and effectively communicate with employees
  • Recognize employee accomplishments
  • Improve morale with team photos and event videos
  • Ensure a safe working environment with emergency alerts

Product Spotlight


Government facilities can be confusing to navigate. Use Wayfinding to help direct traffic and provide clear direction to citizens.

You can:

  • Help citizens move easily through your facility
  • Avoid long line-ups and have visitors efficiently routed to where they need to be
  • Inform citizens of services and events
mother and baby using the Wayfinding

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