About Us

About Us

MediaTile is a recognized leader and innovator in the digital signage industry. Our innovative approach and product-firsts have propelled the platform to the forefront of the digital signage industry and enabled us to provide our customers and partners with exceptional business value. 

MediaTile is transforming traditional B2C communications into B2Me communications – delivering information and personal interaction tailored to a viewer’s specific wants and needs.  MediaTile was the first platform to deliver the advantages of cloud-computing using the unique combination of Cellular connectivity and a SaaS-based application. The MediaTile CMS system and revolutionary Video Presence system enable you to attract, engage, and directly influence your audience with a unique ”personal advantage.” Digital signage networks powered by MediaTile are simple to deploy, easy to use, and enable you to achieve your communications goals and ROI faster. Our solutions have garnered customer praise and industry awards for increasing market reach and viewer interaction, while reducing costs and complexities. 

MediaTile Advantages:

•    PERSONAL, RELEVANT & ENGAGING: With our MediaCast personal advantage you can create and deliver a highly engaging and relevant experience for your viewers. Improve your communication effectiveness and achieve your ROI/ROO goals in record time with record results.

•    EASY TO USE: Our cloud-based MediaCast Content Management System (CMS) gives you complete, secure and scalable control right from your web browser.  Easily create or access internet content then schedule the right playlists to the right place and time all remotely through the cloud.

•    SIMPLE TO DEPLOY:  Our cloud-connected media players, all-in-one displays and kiosks make deploying and operating a network amazingly simple, flexible and secure. With 3G/4G cellular just add power™, or connect to on-site LAN or WiFi.

Our Continuous Innovation integrates the latest advances in both technology and business metrics to maximize your Return on Investment and deliver what we believe is the best Total Cost of Ownership in the business.   Our most recent development, the cloud-based MediaCast Video Presence system, revolutionizes in-field customer service and support, fulfilling the promise of B2Me communications. Combined with certified HumanKiosk hardware, Video Presence combines the capabilities and value of interactive digital signage with on-demand, face-to-face video interaction with remote experts. Now in its fourth generation, our cloud-based CMS system provides the robust control and flexibility that customers demand, without the burden and complexity of on-premise software and management. Our pioneering use of 3G and 4G cellular broadband networking continues to dramatically simplify network deployment and maintenance.  

Our Partnerships and Industry Alliances help to ensure that each network deployed is second to none in operational excellence.    We have forged strategic relationships with a number of industry leading partners.  It is through these strategic partnerships that we are able to draw upon and leverage a vast set of knowledge, state-of-the-art technologies, and best-in-class services to create and support our award winning products and services.

We are active members in a number of industry alliances, associations, and affiliations to support the education and training of professionals who are adopting digital signage, ensuring that our products and services support industry best practices, and to leverage the widest array of tools and services available in the market.  

Our Management Team is comprised of seasoned executives, each of whom brings a unique technical and business perspective to the mix. With rich backgrounds in digital signage, software as a service (SaaS), hardware, retail, advertising, networking, web and channel distribution, the result is a rich portfolio of products and services that we believe will outperform your expectations, while delivering a commercial balance between advanced technology and business value.