In an environment where there are so many moving parts, from employees, visitors and materials, communication needs to be spot on. Digital signage is used in manufacturing facilities to help run an overall efficient operation and of course, better communication.

Manufacturers use Digital Signage

Lower Injury Costs

How does $80,000 per employee per injury sound? Check out the breakdown:


  • Medical/Travel costs
  • Employer premiums
  • Replacement of equipment or machinery
  • Speaking with WSIB
  • Report injury to Workplace & Insurance Board
  • Review process and procedures
  • Retrain all staff on safety
  • Hiring a new employee
  • Legal compliances and lawyers

Injured Worker

  • Get medical help
  • Workers Compensation Claim
  • Assistance for basic needs
  • Financial assistance required
  • Impact of quality on personal life (family, commuting, etc.)
  • Retrained on a new job

Digital signage plays a key role by letting line workers and management know that safety is a crucial measurement in a manufacturing environment. Sending out real-time updates when there is a change in the line or in a process so that everyone is aware makes communication critical. Not everyone has access to email on the production floor, so what better way to reach them other than on a digital screen where everyone can get the message? Safety information presented in a captivating manner of digital signage is always more engaging and conveys information efficiently.

Production Line Productivity

Transparency from management to staff is always valued by employees. This means sharing:Productivity metrics

  • Quality control
  • Inventory levels, and
  • Production totals

The more involved a team is with the overall end goal – the more willing they are to put their full effort for you.


Engaging line workers is difficult because they generally are doing the same job over and over again for 8 hours. PA systems in noisy environments are easily misunderstood and tuned out. Paper and email notices can be inefficient and costly.


Digital signage can be perfect for conveying this type of information to your workforce quickly, without excessive use of resources, delays, or unnecessary distractions from important tasks.

You can connect messaging from Head Office to all plant locations and even include custom text feeds for local and regional news. If there is an emergency – you are able to override with our Quick Broadcast feature.

Engaged Employee Communication

Extend communication opportunities to employee break rooms, cafeterias, hallways and more. You have an important event happening in your head office and know that most people will look at the email and just ignore it or forget about it. By having the event information on a digital signage solution that is everywhere, employees are more likely to attend the event since they’re constantly being reminded of it everywhere they go.

Summer BBQ’s, holiday parties, and head office announcements are all ways to get you employees engaged. It’s easy to ignore notice boards and safety posters, but by communicating company information repeatedly on screens, your employees are more likely to have it in the back of their mind.

You can have:

  • Employee recognition such as Employee of the Month
  • Training Videos for production line staff
  • Promote company events such as team building to improve morale