Making impulse purchases easier by promoting the latest products and discounts

 Digital Signage for Retail

Creating a digitally immersive shopper experience begins when a shopper first walks into your retail location. Multi-screen Video Walls create the perfect wow factor, utilizing visually stunning content.

Empower consumers with interactive kiosk and allow them to explore your products with ease. Department specific displays will let customers focus on current promotions or new products. Digital Signage technologies provide endless opportunities to cross-sell/up-sell.

Engage consumers with targeted content utilizing Anonymous Video Analytics and WiFi/Bluetooth Beacons. Display content based on age or gender and utilize analytics to track the success of in-store campaigns.

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Improve the Retail Experience

  • Attract consumers with a captivating visual experience and immersive visual content
  • Empower consumers with interactive displays and kiosk
  • Inform consumers with new product videos
  • Engage consumers with targeted content based on Anonymous Video Analytics and WiFi/Bluetooth Beacons
  • Display in-store promotions based on locations
  • Cross sell and upsell in store products
  • Attract and influence consumers right at their “point of decision”
  • Integrate social media feeds and brand hashtags


  • Build brand equity with videos, lifestyle selling and dynamic content
  • Messaging can be targeted based on location
  • Create and schedule playlists for specific market and store demographics

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce printing costs of promotions and advertising
  • Save on logistics of materials that need to be shipped to different retail locations

Product Spotlight

Video Presence/HumanKiosk

The HumanKiosk Solution combines the capabilities of interactive digital signage with on-demand experts. Introduce digital face-to-face interaction to revolutionize in-field customer service for point-of-sale or point-of-service environments. You can humanize brand interaction, improve the customer experience, and deliver your messages with the added benefit of personal face-to-face communication. Powered by Video Presence, the “HumanKiosk” delivers a “personal advantage” that is highly targeted, responsive and relevant to individual consumers.

You can:

  • Have a 2-way chat with your customers if store associates are busy
  • Avoid a long line up to ask simple questions
  • Engage with your customers in a dynamic way while delivering personalized service

Technology and Retail

Research shows that 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience.

Source: Huffington Post

Technology can be used in the retail space in many ways. You can promote your online presence, have contests and social media prizes to increase engagement or simply promote your product or service. Having digital signage has never been easier. Work with us and we will do everything for you!

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