As the first, and now leading provider of cellular digital signage networks, our relationship with carrier companies has been imperative to our overall success.   In 2003 we began forging key relationships with leading carriers to deliver the “cellular advantage” for digital signage networks.

By integrating wireless, cellular data services directly into our digital signage product line were able to overcome one of the leading barriers to digital signage deployments:  the costly and complex installation, configuration and ongoing IT management of on-site networking infrastructure.   From our original integration of 1x data services, to CDMA and GSM 3G broadband support, and now in the early phases of 4th Generation (4G) networks, our cellular approach to digital signage continues to make your life easier, while delivering the quality of service you’d expect from a leader.

Carrier partners include:

In the US:

International Carriers*:

  • B-Mobile
  • VodaCom
  • VodaFone

...and others

*Some International carrier relationships are managed in-country by our international affiliate offices.