MediaTile Video Units Announced

See Me, Hear Me! MediaTile Video Units Announced

August 18, 2003 - The MediaTile Company today announced another revolutionary new digital promotional device that will provide a breakthrough in product promotions and corporate communications. Soon to be available in two video configurations: MediaTile VIDEO-promoter and MediaTile RETAIL-marquee are 100% digital devices that can be loaded with a client’s digital video content for shelf-based point of purchase promotions, multi-dimensional direct mailers, countertop sales aids or corporate promoters. The MediaTile Company is marketing these devices through advertising agencies and marketing services companies under resale agreements.

Keith Kelsen, the president and CEO of The MediaTile Company said: Delivering the power of video promotions to places it’s never been before is truly exciting. And with each device having built-in wireless network support, we can update content on the fly. This makes MediaTiles a truly unique promotional medium with one-to-one marketing support.

The MediaTile RETAIL-marquee delivers a breakthrough in point-of-purchase product promotions. MediaTiles are digital promotional devices that bring two of most powerful promotional mediums AUDIO and VIDEO directly to the shelf. Ideal for end-cap placements or next to a product, MediaTiles are powered by the MediaTile Company’s narrowcast system that wirelessly delivers promotional content to thousands of stores, instantly. Product suppliers can now deliver exciting demonstrations, lifestyle selling, or simply update promotional content to thousands of stores in less than a day.

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MediaTile VIDEO-promoter delivers a revolutionary breakthrough in direct marketing and the delivery of product information. MediaTile VIDEO-promoters are ideal for delivering product or service information to distributed sales forces, strategic partners, or prospects who just don't have the time to read massive whitepapers or detailed data-sheets. A data-secure and self-contained device, MediaTile VIDEO-promoter protects sensitive information from unauthorized propagation, and can be updated automatically with built-in wireless network support.

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Roger Sanford, CMO of 3 Marketeers Advertising said "I introduced MediaTiles to my client, a Fortune 100 Dow Jones Industrial Average Company, as a channel solution for the introduction of a new product. They flipped! MediaTiles are an absolutely brilliant solution for in-store and over-the-counter promotion of new products. There is nothing else like them on the world market today. I am actively working with multi-national clients and MediaTile's video-based production group to deploy thousands on a global basis. This is the edge we've been looking for in personalized media."

Sanjay Lall, President of Nion Interactive Systems who specialize in web-based flash presentations said: "We're adopting MediaTiles as part of our strategic services offering to help large companies solve complex, and typically expensive product positioning and educational problems. We see the adoption of MediaTile video-based units as virtual sales agents, promoting products in thousands of retail outlets at the push of a button. We're also pursing efforts to add MediaTiles to products delivered to customers that require some form of setup or configuration. Our goal is to eliminate many of the costly service calls that companies receive on these types of

The MediaTile Company has developed prototypes of these MediaTile devices and is planning on releasing the RETAIL-marquee and VIDEO-promoter to market in the first half of 2004. Pricing to be announced.

The MediaTile Company is the world's first cellular-based narrowcasting service provider. The Company is driving a whole new category of promotional content delivery services (MediaCast System) and wireless micro-video devices (MediaTiles) that can directly influence customer purchase decisions in large retail chains and corporate enterprises. The Company’s digital promotional solutions deliver the unique advantage of a highly efficient content distribution system with a zero-based IT solution. Contact MediaTile at (831) 439-8786, or