MediaTiles Have Arrived

Listen-up! MediaTiles Have Arrived

June 16, 2003 -- The MediaTile Company announced today that it has introduced a revolutionary new digital promotional device that will provide a breakthrough in product promotions and corporate communications. Branded as the MediaTile, and initially available in two audio configurations, the MediaTile AUDIO-promoter, and MediaTile CD-promoter are 100% digital devices that can be loaded with a client’s specific audio content and delivered to point-of-sale environments, in direct mailers, or as an audio-visual palmtop presentation. The MediaTile Company is marketing these devices through advertising agencies and marketing services companies under resale agreements.

Keith Kelsen, the president and CEO of The MediaTile Company said: “We are excited to bring these revolutionary digital promotional devices to market. The customer and partner reaction to MediaTiles has been absolutely outstanding. Music publishers, advertising agencies and artists alike have made an immediate connection with the devices, and are actively evaluating exactly how they’ll be used.”

The MediaTile AUDIO-promoter is a digital promotional device that can significantly improve the response rates and reception of internal and external marketing campaigns. Users simply press the "PLAY" button, listen through the on-board speakers, and follow along with a client-supplied presentation booklet. The MediaTile AUDIO-promoter garners immediate attention, making it an essential part of any integrated marketing campaign that requires delivering key messages and materials to distributed audiences such as sales groups, strategic partners, analysts, press and prospects.

The Company also announced its MediaTile CD-promoter. The MediaTile CD-promoter is a digital promotional device for recording artists and music publishers that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of CD promotions. MediaTiles enable music CD publishers and promoters to put inexpensive samples of new releases directly into point-of-purchase displays, directly on the self, or deliver music samples to radio stations and the Press in a secure and controlled manner. For recording artists, MediaTiles are the perfect vehicle to get you noticed by music publishers and fans. MediaTile CD-promoter product information can be found at:

Steven Beedle, President of ZNA communications, a high-tech Public Relations and Marketing Services firm said: MediaTiles give us the unique ability to help our high-tech clients break the traditional market barrier of entry – creating awareness. It's the perfect communications tool that will get our clients instantly noticed by the Press, Analysts, and other key market influencers. MediaTiles help simplify and deliver complex market and product positioning concepts, and work well through multiple tiers of distribution. We will also be using MediaTiles to promote our own ATOMs - Advanced Technology Marketing services."

Another agency, McDill & Associates, is also planning on incorporating MediaTiles with their marketing offerings as well. Melissa McDill, President of McDill and Associates said: "We are incorporating MediaTile audio devices as a key element in our integrated marketing campaigns for our clients. MediaTiles are ideal for highly targeted direct marketing campaigns because we're virtually guaranteed that every recipient will press the PLAY button. MediaTiles also represent a communications breakthrough - we can absolutely assure our clients that their messages are delivered and received with more clarity than ever before."

The MediaTile Company is the world's first cellular-based narrowcasting service provider. The Company is driving a whole new category of promotional content delivery services (MediaCast System) and wireless micro-video devices (MediaTiles) that can directly influence customer purchase decisions in large retail chains and corporate enterprises. The Company’s digital promotional solutions deliver the unique advantage of a highly efficient content distribution system with a zero-based IT solution. Contact MediaTile at (831) 439-8786, or