KatrinaWish.com Connects World to Evacuees

KatrinaWish.com Narrowcasting System Connects World to Evacuees

Anyone, Anywhere Can Send Digital-Wishes Directly To Those Affected By Hurricane Katrina

September 21, 2005 - The MediaTile Company, along with its partners ProView, Chief Manufacturing and Rollouts, and with support from the American Red Cross, today announced that it has deployed a narrowcasting system that delivers digital-wishes on large screen TVs to individuals and families affected by Hurricane Katrina. From the KatrinaWish.com website, individuals, families, schools, associations and communities from all over the world can send their digital-wishes using the MediaTile narrowcasting system directly to large-screen TVs in evacuee centers. Large screens TVs are being initially deployed in Baton Rouge, LA and Jackson, MS where evacuees are being assisted; additional systems will be deployed as new site logistics are completed.

"It is simple human nature to want to comfort those in distress, and KatrinaWish.com facilitates this connection, regardless of the miles between individuals." said Keith Kelsen, CEO of The MediaTile Company. "KatrinaWish.com makes it possible to provide the ongoing emotional support that is so critical to overcoming this type of devastation to one's life while facilitating financial support. Our entire team wanted to help during this time of crisis. We realized that our technology was ideal for this situation because it communicates over cellular networks and only needs power. I encourage everyone to visit KatrinaWish.com and send a digital-wish to those in need. We're prepared to take millions of well wishes and narrowcast them directly to evacuees".

The KatrinaWish.com narrowcasting system accepts static digital images in jpeg formats, such as a digital photograph of an individual holding a sign, or video clips in mpeg2 formats. From the KatrinaWish.com website, digital-wishes can be uploaded and delivered at no charge. The site also includes a notice and link to make a donation to the American Red Cross.

About The MediaTile Company The MediaTile Company is the world's first provider of cellular-digital-signage solutions. MediaTile is enabling a new breakthrough in digital content delivery and narrowcasting that can directly influence millions of viewers. MediaTile eliminates the number one barrier to deploying narrowcasting networks and networked digital signage solutions: the costly and complex on-site IT infrastructure and networking support. info@mediatile.com or http://wwww.mediatile.com