Feeny Wireless and MediaTile Showcase 3G to 4G

Feeney Wireless and MediaTile Showcase First 3G to 4G Digital Signage Solution Using Sprint 3G/4G WiMAX Networking

Eugene, OR, and Scotts Valley, CA, Sept 17, 2009 – Feeney Wireless, a leading Sprint business solutions provider, and The MediaTile Company, a world leading provider of cellular digital signage and SaaS solutions, today announced that they have successfully built and are demonstrating the first 3G to 4G network-ready, all-in-one digital signage solution to CEO’s and CIO’s at Sprint sponsored events in major metropolitan areas. The system utilizes Sprint’s 3G/4G WiMAX technology to deliver a more robust cellular digital signage solution that customers can deploy, while being Sprint 4G-ready as WiMAX locations “light-up” across the United States.

Initially available from Feeney Wireless, the fully integrated 3G to 4G WiMAX Digital Signage solution integrates Sprint’s 3G/4G WiMAX technology and services with MediaTile’s leading cellular digital signage platform, and is remotely controlled through the MediaCast SaaS-based content delivery and management system.

“We’re very excited to showcase Sprint’s latest WiMAX data services integrated with the MediaTile platform,” said Bob Ralston, CEO of Feeney Wireless.  “With this solution we can extend the advantages that 3G cellular broadband technology offers, and now incorporate rich media and more high-definition content by taking advantage of the superior price-performance that 4G/WiMAX delivers.”

WiMAX (an acronym for “Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access”) is wireless broadband access technology from Sprint that provides comparable network performance as Wi-Fi networks, but without the typical coverage limitations. WiMAX, extends the range of typical Wi-Fi implementations to cover broad metropolitan areas, and outperforms 3G cellular broadband by an average of 5X on download speeds.

“By adding 4G networking into the mix of our leading 3G cellular digital signage solutions, we are able to provide a whole new level of experiential and contextual-based content to our customers” said MediaTile CEO, Simon Wilson.  “With more and more customers deploying 3G networks, providing a built-in roadmap to the future adds tremendous business value to a platform that our customers report delivers ROI much faster than competitive platforms.”

About Feeney Wireless
Feeney Wireless is a full-service systems integrator offering custom wireless solutions, hardware manufacturing, and a wide range of professional services. Feeney works with industry-leading vendors to create fully engineered, managed solutions to help companies and public agencies enhance their mobile operations. Feeney’s diverse solution portfolio includes mobile data systems, IP video systems, wireless equipment management and digital signage systems. Founded in 1999, Feeney Wireless is headquartered in Eugene, OR with operations nationwide.  To learn more, visit Feeney Wireless at www.feeneywireless.com.

About MediaTile
The MediaTile Company (www.mediatile.com) is a worldwide supplier of award-winning, all-in-one cellular digital signage, kiosk, and SaaS solutions that are remarkably easy-to-deploy and operate.  Just add power to MediaTile Digital Sign in a Box™ or Kiosk in a Box™ systems and use the web-based MediaCast SaaS Portal to manage and monitor your advertising, informational or interactive communications network. Backed by our MediaServices team, Return On Message™ (ROM) Methodology, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and end-to-end service and support, your network will be up and running in record time, with record results.