Emergency Alert System Added to MediaCast

MediaTile Adds Emergency Broadcast Alert System to MediaCast System for Educational and Corporate Digital Signage Networks

Emergency Media Trigger (EMT) Enters Customer-Testing Phase for Broadcasting in Crisis or Emergency Situations

Emergency & Disaster Planning Summit, Toronto, Canada, Oct 6, 2009. The MediaTile Company, a world-leading provider of cellular digital signage and SaaS management solutions, today announced that it has added a new emergency broadcast triggering system to its MediaCast content delivery and management system. The new Emergency Media Trigger (EMT) is designed to integrate with existing rules and workflow of campus emergency IT-based notification systems and control centers.  The new EMT facility is entering a customer-test phase with final release and general availability expected in late October.

Using MediaTile’s all-in-one cellular digital signage and SaaS-based management solutions, educational institutions and corporate enterprises can now easily deploy digital signage networks across their campuses with the added benefit of providing an efficient mechanism to deliver emergency broadcast messages. The announcement was made concurrent with Strategy Institute’s 6th Annual Summit on Emergency and Disaster Planning Summit for Colleges, Universities and K-12 Schools in Toronto, Canada where MediaTile is a featured speaker.
MediaTile’s Cellular Digital Signage™ and SaaS management solution incorporates an EMT (Emergency Media Trigger) capability that enables emergency response teams to take immediate and complete control of the network in a crisis or emergency situation
“Our new Emergency Media Trigger facility gives emergency communications teams instant access and complete control over their campus-wide networks in crisis or emergency situations,” said Simon Wilson, CEO of The MediaTile Company. “MediaTile has always been a great fit for campus communication systems because of our exceptional Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and faster ROI business metrics. Now we can add faster and flexible emergency notifications to this compelling value proposition.”

Emergency Broadcast Alerts for Educational and Corporate Campuses

The new Emergency Media Trigger (EMT) will enable network operators to use an external triggering mechanism, such as an automated Email system, to interrupt a regularly scheduled program while automatically triggering an emergency message to play across a campus-wide digital signage network.  A second ‘all clear’ external trigger will reset the network to its previously scheduled programming. The EMT feature will be supported by MediaTile displays and networks and requires a specific customer set-up for each trigger and associated emergency broadcast.

MediaTile’s, Cellular Digital Signage™ systems are a perfect fit for campus-wide communication and broadcast networks. They can be deployed quickly, are easy to operate, and deliver a low total cost of ownership. The all-in-one solution integrates cellular-based broadband network support, eliminating the need rewire a campus, add additional Wi-Fi hot spots, or even tap into an existing network. MediaTile digital signage systems are ready to run, right out of the box – simply mount the display and add power.  Displays can be controlled as an entire group, subgroup, or individually using the MediaCast SaaS System, a secure web-based application. 

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