Community-Based Digital Signage

Community-Based Digital Signage Networks Deliver More Targeted Advertising Than Traditional Cable TV Networks

MediaTile’s Digital-Sign-In-A-Box system helps build community awareness and connects residents with local businesses, activities and events

May 31st, 2007, Loudoun County, Virginia, and York, Pennsylvania - The MediaTile Company, the first provider of cellular digital signage technology and turnkey narrowcast networks, today announced that residents visiting Main Street America are seeing first hand the dawn of a new era in broadcasting: Community-based digital signage networks. Owned and operated by a growing number of independent local entrepreneurs, these TV-like networks offer a more targeted approach than Cable-TV for local businesses to advertise their products and services directly into their communities. The result: a direct broadcast network that appears throughout a community and gives consumers on-the-spot news, events and advertisements which are highly relevant to their needs and interests.

“This is nothing less than the beginning of a new generation of community TV. We see the emergence of community-based direct broadcasting as a growing opportunity for existing local media-based businesses and advertising entrepreneurs. The Cable TV advertising model is becoming dated and increasingly ineffective,” said Keith Kelsen, CEO of The MediaTile Company. "Today, in a world overcrowded with messages, consumers demand information that is relevant to them. And when you are out shopping, there is nothing more relevant than learning about the events, products and services that are available in your community."

Community-based digital signage networks are more relevant to the viewer as the messages on these displays carry custom-tuned playlists (a looped sequence of ads and information) based on the location of each sign. "We produce and send custom playlists to each display in our Loudoun County, VA network", said Guendolen Wajsgras, Founder of the Community Reach Network, a MediaTile-based narrowcaster. "At least 20% of each playlist is dedicated to community events and activities, giving local residents a virtual billboard into their community. Many of our clients are purchasing advertising slots to augment their Cable TV advertising, which they see as a costly and increasingly ineffective medium."

Dave Maday, a partner in The Spot Media Group, a York, PA-based community narrowcaster, recently built out a community network using the MediaTile system. "MediaTile’s built-in cellular broadband capabilities eliminated the need to 'network' each location so we were able to deploy our community TV network in about ½ the time and at about ½ the cost of traditional systems. With our community network, we can deliver a more effective advertising medium than traditional cable television when you compare against such factors as target, reach, captive audience and cost."

Until recently, only larger organizations, like Wal-Mart, could afford to own and operate a direct broadcast network. Today, however, with the increasing commoditization of IP communications, LCD TVs and embedded computers, MediaTile has delivered an all-in-one integrated signage system. This system, aptly named Digital-Sign-In-A-Box™, delivers a true turnkey broadcasting platform for small and medium businesses. One of MediaTile’s trade secrets and patent-pending intellectual properties is the use of cellular-based internet networking – this enables displays to be deployed virtually anywhere there is a power outlet. The signage network, and all of the content and advertisements on each screen, is controlled centrally over the internet using a standard web browser and the MediaTile Broadcast Portal.

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