ChiLin and MediaTile Announce Digital Sign in a Box Systems

ChiLin and MediaTile Announce World's First 42" & 47" "Digital Sign in a Box" Systems for Turnkey Narrowcast Networks

Integrated Solution Vastly Improves ROI by Making Digital Signage Much Easier and Faster To Deploy, and Reduces Ongoing Support and Management Costs

ELECTRONICA SHOW, MUNICH, GERMANY, November 14th, 2006 - Chi Lin Technology, a world leader in vertically integrated HD LCD displays, and The MediaTile Company, the world's first provider of cellular-digital-signage technology, today announced the availability of the MediaTile 42-inch and 47-inch "Digital-Sign-In-A-Box™" platforms. Manufactured by Chi Lin Technology, MediaTile's Digital-Sign-In-A-Box platform is an all-in-one solution that enables businesses to deploy digital signage networks in about ½ the time and at about ½ the cost of traditional digital signage and end-cap TV networks by eliminating on-site IT infrastructure and management. MediaTile's 42" and 47" Digital-Sign-In-A-Box systems are available for international delivery in both standard and touch-screen configurations.

"Our Digital-Sign-In-A-Box platform has been a breakthrough in both Public and Private digital signage networks - with the 42- and 47-inch systems we're expanding our offering to meet the growing appetite that our customers have for larger displays in Banks, Convenience Stores, Retail Chains and Health Clubs" said Keith Kelsen, CEO and Chairman, The MediaTile Company. "Both enterprises and narrowcasters have reported that our 19" and 32" MediaTiles have delivered dramatic sales increases and huge ROI advantages - our goal is to give our customers those same advantages for their larger screen deployments".

The MediaTile Digital-Sign-In-A-Box platform integrates unlimited broadband cellular internet service, an embedded computer system and a commercial grade HD LCD display. The system is remotely controlled and managed using MediaTile's Broadcast Portal, a Web-based application to easily control and manage content, playlists, and scheduling. Chi Lin Technology has partnered with The MediaTile Company to manufacture the 42- and 47-Inch MediaTile Digital-Sign-In-A-Box platforms while also providing distribution services for MediaTile products and services in Taiwan and China.

"MediaTile's Digital-Sign-In-A-Box is the ideal platform for creating an advertising network in locations where on-site network support is either too difficult and costly to access, or it is non-existent" said Scott Soong, Global Systems Manager of Chi Lin Technology. "Designed jointly with MediaTile and manufactured exclusively by Chi Lin Technology, these systems give customers a highly reliable signage solution that is both easy to deploy and manage."

MediaTile's Digital-Sign-In-A-Box is a fully integrated solution that enables a true turnkey narrowcasting platform. Setup is as easy as un-boxing a MediaTile display (display sizes of 19 through 47 inches) and plugging it into any standard power outlet. Once powered, MediaTiles instantly connect to the cellular-internet network, download content and begin playing advertisements or informational playlists. The system requires no technical expertise, computer configuration or network setup to operate. MediaTile's Digital-Sign-In-A-Box platform is being highlighted at the Electronica Show in the Chi Lin Booth in Munich Germany from November 14 through November 17.

MediaTile demonstrated the world's first cellular-digital-signage In October 2004 at the prestigious Demo-Mobile conference. MediaTile's cellular-digital-signage technology enables companies to deploy an advertising, promotional or educational network without any on-site IT infrastructure, management or support. The MediaTile solution has been popular with brand advertisers, retailers and narrowcasters because it can be deployed independently of any on-site network technology or IT personnel. In December of 2005, the company won the Industry Top-Ten Award from the Digital Signage Forum organization for its unique solution. In 2006, the company continued its innovative approach by delivering the world's first Digital-Sign-In-Box platforms in a 32 inch configuration, and expanded its deployments worldwide with 7 international MediaTile affiliate offices.

About The MediaTile Company

MediaTile is the world's first provider of cellular-digital-signage technology that enables a new generation of turnkey narrowcast networks. The MediaTile patent-pending solution eliminates the number-one barrier for deploying digital signage: costly and complex on-site IT infrastructure. MediaTiles are remotely controlled by a centralized broadcast portal to easily and cost-effectively create over-the-air commercial networks that can influence millions of consumers where and when they make their purchase decisions and brand choices. Visit The MediaTile Company at

About The ChiLin Technology

Chi Lin Technology is part of the Chi Mei Group, consisting of: CMO, the largest LCD panel manufacturer in the world; Next Gen, manufacturer of consumer LCD TV's; Chi Lin, OLED manufacturer of OLED screens. Chi Lin provides MediaTile with specialized high definition LCD Digital Signage monitors and, together with MediaTile, provides fully integrated systems for state-of-the-art digital signage solutions. Chi Lin Technology is a world leader supplier of vertically integrated systems that exceed customer expectations with superior display technology, ease of use, and trouble-free operation.