World's First Cellular Digital Signage Introduced

MediaTile Introduces The MediaCast System, World’s First Cellular-Digital-Signage Solution

Eliminates Need For In-Store IT Infrastructure, Saves Millions

DemoMobile Show, La Jolla, CA. - September 9, 2004- The MediaTile Company today announced the availability of The MediaCast System, the word’s first cellular-digital-signage solution. The MediaCast System provides a breakthrough for manufacturers and retailers using in-store digital signage by delivering instant digital promotions to thousands of retail store shelves without the need of expensive in-store IT infrastructure. The MediaCast System is a Web-based media management and delivery system that is seamlessly integrated with Verizon’s cellular-data-services and industry-standard digital displays.

“We chose The MediaCast System because it provides us with a tremendous competitive advantage, and time to market advantage” said Stephen Dix, VP of Sales for Buffalo Technology. The MediaCast System enables us to put networked digital signs directly at the shelf, in end-cap locations, without any infrastructure needs from the Retailer. Until now, we had absolutely no way of deploying dynamic digital signs where we can test and change content at will.”

“For the first time ever, the brand can deploy, test, and change their promotional messages without the costly and complex infrastructure of networked digital signs” said Keith Kelsen, President and CEO of The MediaTile Company. “At the same time, retailers had to put in millions of dollars worth of networking, storage and communications equipment to support network digital signage – until now that is. Our new cellular-digital-signage saves time and money.”

“The MediaCast System is a fresh and unique approach, using celluar-based data services from the leading service providers to deliver new applications,” said Chris Shipley, Executive Producer of DEMOmobile. “We invited The MediaTile Company to DEMOmobile to show their initial application of cellular-digital-signage and share their broader vision that will open up new markets using the ubiquitous broadband resources of cellular-based networks. This is the just the beginning.”

MediaCast – Eliminates The Infrastructure The MediaCast System uses the ready-made cellular-based digital data services network from Verizon to deliver promotional content directly to Digital Displays that include embedded microcomputers with flash storage. This completely eliminates the need for any in-store servers and networking hardware. The MediaCast System is managed by a central Web-based content control system that facilities the deployment of Networked Digital Signage without the costs and complexities of non-cellular networked systems.

MediaCast – Uses The Invisible Network There is no reason for retailers to build an in-store digital promotional network for Digital Signs when one already exists. And unlike cell-phone services of the past, The MediaCast System incorporates the latest cellular-data-service technology from Verizon to deliver uncompromising service. This provides an “invisible network” that delivers a highly-secure data path with the best “uptime” in the business.

MediaCast – Choose Industry-Standard Display Devices The MediaCast system is designed to support industry-standard display devices of all types - from small format 3”-5” devices, to standard “desktop” sizes of displays that range from 8”-17”, to larger wall-mounted 36”-60” displays. The MediaCast System is designed to be hardware and device independent, giving retailers and manufacturers an unprecedented level of flexibility and control. Without wires, and by virtually separating the media from the medium, retailers can reconfigure their stores without incurring additional IT charges to support network digital signage – just put the appropriate device in the most appropriate location.

MediaCast – A Promotional Breakthrough for Retailers The MediaCast System delivers a revolutionary breakthrough for retailers. Retailers can use The MediaCast System to manage the delivery of promotional content from manufacturers and their advertising agencies. The system can schedule promotions across all displays in all stores by category, by product line, or by specific locations such as “end caps”. Retailers can also schedule ongoing digital promotions concurrent with seasonal events, special promotional campaigns, across-store discounts, or holiday specials. Retailers can quickly add Cellular Digital Signage in multiple areas of their stores fitting the right size of display to the appropriate location in their store. With these flexible placement options, retailers can significantly increase the value, and prices, of these merchandising catalog components.

MediaCast – A Promotional Breakthrough for Manufacturers (Brands) The MediaCast System delivers a revolutionary breakthrough for manufacturers. Now, for the first time ever, manufacturers can deploy their own Networked Digital Signage displays without relying on the in-store infrastructure of retailers. Manufacturers can be in control of delivering their own messages and promotions to every store, on every shelf where their products are displayed. Messages can be scheduled and deployed that are concurrent with seasonal events, promotional campaigns, competitive price changes, or holiday specials.

About The MediaTile Company
The MediaTile Company provides software and services for media management, media delivery and device control over cellular networks, and is the world’s first provider of cellular digital signage solutions. We eliminate the one barrier to deploying networked digital signage – costly and complex on-site infrastructure- with our patent pending ZITI architecture and MediaCast System. Now for the fist time ever, more companies can use networked digital signs, in more places to directly influence customer purchase decisions. Our MediaCast System requires zero-on-site-infrastructure, works with industry-standard displays of all sizes, and empowers your marketing teams to deploy digital promotions at anytime, to anyplace. The MediaTile Company is actively evaluating its ZITI architecture to empower new applications and markets such as Kiosks, Narrowcasting, PDA’s, and Smart Phones. Contact MediaTile at (831) 439-8786, or